Saturday, January 10th 2009

CES 2009: A-Data

A-DATA has a suite this time around. This seems to be a gerneral trend of many manufacturers, who choose to go with a suite within one of the hotels instead of having a booth at the show floor. They are showing of their XPG series. This includes memory modules, SSD and flash drives. All of them have one feature in common: above average speed. The triple-channel kit included an active cooling module, while the SSD is available at an unsual 192GB. The flash drive is cathegorized as 200x.

A-DATA is also offering external hard drives which make use of traditional SATA drives instead of SSD. These are aimed at netbook users, who are looking for affordable storage. They utilize 5400 RPM drives.

For all of those who are looking to use SSD within a normal PC, this enclosure is for you. There are two variants. One includes a RAID controller, so you can get even higher speeds, all within the same dimensions of a traditional hard drive.

The company is also offering a few new flash drives. The first is a new clip design, which can use to clip the unit unto your belt or key chain, without having to worry about loosing it. The second is a little puppet, which holds a USB stick. Then there is the RB19, which we reviewed. It is now available in a 32GB flavor. The last little piece is the two identical USB sticks, which have a magnet in their noses. They hang on together nicely and should make a great valentines gift. The USB stick is hidden within the nose of the unit.Source: A-DATA
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Cold Storm
I have to say that Adata's ram cooler looks pretty sweet!

Now, for the flash drives... the 2nd and 5 (4th if you want to call it) really freaks me out! At lease the 2nd one does the most due to how the picture was taken..
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