Friday, January 9th 2015

ADATA Shows Off XPG V3 DDR3 Memory

ADATA showed off its third-generation XPG DDR3 memory module. A departure from its pointy gold heatsink design of the XPG Z1 series, the XPG V3 features a more conventional, 2-tone aluminium heatsink design, with three layers of fins projecting upward. The outer fins dissipate heat drawn from the DRAM chips, while the inner, colored ones (red, blue, green, gold, and orange), dissipate heat drawn a heat-spreading copper layer in the module's PCB. The module on display at CES featured a red inner heatsink, with an XMP 1.3 profile for DDR3-3100 MHz, with a 1600 MHz failsafe JEDEC profile.
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3 Comments on ADATA Shows Off XPG V3 DDR3 Memory

This memory has been released about 5 months ago and barely anyone was interested about it just because all were already waiting for DDR4. Simply too late.
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yeah right..

How many people own X99 mobos and DDR4? That's right, almost none.. Few that do here are a minority.
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I have them and say they are the best I've had RAM
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