Saturday, January 10th 2009

S3 Graphics Intros Hacker-proof Multimedia Platform for IP based HD Video on Demand

S3 Graphics will participate in the annual Lunch@Piero's press event, held during CES in Las Vegas on January 8th and 9th. Attendees at Lunch@Piero's can experience the latest HD IP-based media-on-demand based on a unique and innovative hardware-level IP protection mechanism showcased on the S3 Graphics Chrome 400 Series Hi-Def multimedia processor using a Content Protection LSI from Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited.

With the market transition to IP-based HD multimedia, movie studios and content creators canuse this new, secure multimedia platform to protect and control precious HD video IP distribution from source to display, while overcoming the inherent vulnerabilities of today's widely used software-based security methods.

The Content Protection LSI core protection mechanism thwarts unwanted IP distribution by performing real-time integrity checks, scrambling/obfuscating of content processing software at runtime to confuse hackers. It uses the graphics AES engine to safeguard the content in video memory while decoding and displaying on the latest digital HD monitors through DisplayPort or HDMI with HDCP. The Content Protection LSI core has a proprietary encryption/decryption core that works seamlessly with the AES engine located in the GPU to provide multiple levels of security, in addition to Dolby 7.1 digital surround sound for an immersive Hi-Def experience.

"We are excited about the collaboration with Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited in introducing this groundbreaking IP protection mechanism that gives content providers confidence and peace-of-mind to introduce previously unavailable high quality HD media for user enjoyment," said Dr. Ken Weng, General Manager of S3 Graphics. "This platform truly enables a secure distribution solution and definitive step towards the convergence of digital TVs and HD Home Theater PCs for the ultimate user experience."
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11 Comments on S3 Graphics Intros Hacker-proof Multimedia Platform for IP based HD Video on Demand

The Exiled Airman
they think this solution will work, i think not, because it takes vigilance and pro-activeness to create countermeasures against these people that create the problems in the first place.
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Overclocked quantum bit

More hardware DRM - just what we all need. :rolleyes:
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They failed in promoting Nano CPU, so why not turn to hardware DRM market :rockout:.
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How long till it gets cracked?
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Seems like this is just the start, with Microsoft looking to push the pay per use software, this will give not just media moguls a way to clamp down there digital ownership of such data but allsocould give MS a way to clamp down on such things as Office and Windows.

I could be wrong but it wouldnt suprise me.
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Sounds good, but no matter how clever the technology there is always someone clever enough to reverse engineer it and beat it!
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
by calling it "hacker-proof," they are just asking for somebody to hack it.
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TheCrow said:
Sounds good, but no matter how clever the technology there is always someone clever enough to reverse engineer it and beat it!
As Bellog said in Raiders.....

"Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away. "
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crazy pyro
What's the bets on how long it'll take to hack this?
Also I do believe there was something discussed on the tech chatter podcast about HDCP which this sounds exactly the same as, major problem with this hardware DRM is that the majority of people won't understand why it doesn't work with old/ cheap/ awful hardware that they use and they're going to end up going to the geeksquad or something, getting ripped off and it still won't work DRM is BAD why the hell can't content owners see that? With DRM it leads people to pirate stuff.
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You say hack proof I say not yet hacked. Once someone tries it will be just like everything else
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sigh. why waste the time? for every person paid to make a secure platform, 200 people who arent getting paid will want to crack it - and most of them will have better skills than the guy who was hired to make it.
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