Sunday, January 18th 2009

CES 2009: Qnap

QNAP is showing off their newest NAS enclosures. The first is a single hard drive enclosure, which also acts as a media center. It is one of the few out there, whiche manages 1080p output. It has all the usual connections as well as HDMI. There is a remote control included and the user interface is very clean and easy to use. But this is not the only new product - read on...

Their larger enclosures are also getting a refresh, with Atom based four and six hard drive NAS enclosures. These enclosures feature a large fan, for quiet operation and a display, which shows all kinds of information.

The largest, eight hard drive bay NAS unit actually utilizes a Core 2 Duo based system, This should make this the best performing such system on the market today. A rackmount based version is also available.

Then there is another very interesting and unique device. The company behind the QNAP brand - iEi is showing off an external enclosure which gives you the ability to drive four display in any imaginable configuration. All you need is a dual link based graphic card and you may connect four of these units to a master box, which gives you independent access to a whopping 16 screens. The upside when compared to current systems is not only the cheap price of around 800 US Dollars for each unit or 1200 US Dollars for the master box, but also hardware independecy, very low heat output and very low power requirements.Source: QNAP
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Graphical Hacker
Never heard of the brand. The baby fan scares me next to that 120mm.
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IIRC TPU did a review on a QNAP enclosure...the idea of it with a low-heat atom makes me happy.
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Señor Moderator
Exavier said:
IIRC TPU did a review on a QNAP enclosure...the idea of it with a low-heat atom makes me happy.
Five of them. The Atom is a good choice I guess. The Arms used in lower end models simply lack performance, the Celerons used in higher end models perform very well though use more power. I think the Atom offer the best of both worlds. This goes for any NAS brand.
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