Wednesday, January 21st 2009

CES 2009: CoolIT Systems

CoolIT is showing off a few very interesting concepts and implementation of their cooling technology. The first is a PC which is completely cooled by such a system. The prototype is hand made but features high-end components in a unique formfactor. To control all aspects of the system there is a special PCB, to which you may connect multiple fans among other things. Then there is the notebook cooling prototype. It actually pushes cooled air into the notebooks air vents, to be exausted by the internal cooling fan.

One device, which I forgot to take a picture off, is their Domino ALC CPU cooler. It is a pre-filled and ready to go liquid cooling solution. But fear not, we will have a review of the system shortly.Source: CoolIT System
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very intresting concept on that case with the integrated cooling on it... reminds me of zalmans silent computer case. either way very sleek :toast:
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The Doctor is in the house
Ready to go LN2 :eek: I'm guessing it needs refilling or is disposable.
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Bird of Prey
Id snatch up that laptop cooler for my wife. Wonder what the price is going to be.
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Is it me or is this case the size of an HTPC case? >.>... You won't be cooling much then...
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naw they make the best cooling cases, and if its going to be Watercooled, that would be awsome

My coolit boreas is dope!
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Firingsquad also reviewed the CoolIT Domino here. One thing I wish they would have covered better was how loud the thing seems to be when not run in full speed mode all the time.
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Error 404
That case design reminds me exactly of an old Digital Computers 486-DX2 case I had. The PSU and lid lifted up like in that case, the mobo was in the same spot, and the hard drives were a little further forwards.
Looks like a good small PC!
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
anyone else notice the 2.5" laptop 500gb WD's in that thing?
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