Wednesday, January 28th 2009

I-O Data Out With New Netbook-Friendly DVD Burner

Specialists with external data storage, I-O Data has come up with a new ultra-slim external DVD-burner it claims to be netbook friendly, given that most netbooks rely on external optical drives. The new drive (model: DVRP-U8XLE2) is 21mm thick and comes with a square profile. The drive roughly measures up to be the size of a portable CD player. It burns dual-layer DVDs at 6X speeds, DVD-R, DVD+R at 8X speeds. It sports a standard USB 2.0 interface. Interestingly, its makers claim this drive to perform identically, an in at its full operational write speeds on any netbook.

Source: Akihabara News
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Semi-Retired Folder
Personally, I prefer the LG Black or White external burners, as they seem to match the colors of the netbooks very nicely. The color of the black one is identical to my EeePC, and the White one is identical to the white EeePC.

Of course, samsung has a nice cheap one available.
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where the hell are my stars
HP has one as well but its butt ugly looks like they took a notebook drive and stuffed it in a cheesy enclosure

i have the LG and it runs great
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