Wednesday, February 25th 2009

ARM Showcases Prototype Netbooks

Standing up against an almost unassailable domination of x86 machine architecture, even in the ULPC segment, ARM showcased netbooks based on processors such as Freescale iMX515 and Qualcomm Snapdragon. The processors, ARM claims, are capable to run 720p HD video, and operate at speeds of up to 1 GHz. The best way ARM sees to compete with x86, is to support operating systems that run on it, such as Linux.

The growth and propagation of Ubuntu seems to be a good opportunity to cash on. ARM is reportedly working with Canonical to devise a full-featured ARM-supportive variant of Ubuntu. Meanwhile, Adobe has announced that it is working on an ARM-supportive Flash 10 plugin. Ubuntu's ARM edition should be out by April, by when we can get realistic figures about ARM netbooks' performance. The netbooks will be priced in the US $250 range and are expected to start selling from June. A video covering the presentation can be viewed here.
Source: ZDNet
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Graphical Hacker
I only trust ARM processors in my phone. Not in my PC.
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Cool, some competition for the x86 CPUs.

And i assume that if these things will have Ubuntu in them then one can run almost all the programs on these netbooks that can be run on an x86 CPU and Ubuntu.
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ARM runs plenty of Windows CE devices.

AND, back in 1984, the ARM processor outpaced Intel and Motorola offerings. Just that in the 80's... 90's ARM went low-power small scale, whereas Intel when complex high power high performance. Different target markets. But back in '84 (ish) the ARM processor was a tour de force. I'm sure their latest offering has plenty of potential. I'm sure it will have plenty of power (for a notebook) but more importantly, I bet the battery hours will be astonishing.

ARM also powers the PSION NetBook. LOL

From that perspective, ARM has being doing netbooks longer than Intel... so this could be a legit contender.
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Oh. You gotta watch the video that bta has linked to:

That's hot stuff. Just look at those designs. There are some bold and brave designed there. Thin and cold.

NOW I can really see when Intel and Dell are so anxious about the "netbook" (TM) name. Because those ARM designs REALLY ARE netbooks. And IIRC PSION is an ARM customer, and could release some very nice product beyond the old Psion 5 and Psion Netbook from 1999/2000.
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Those look pretty promising. Very small, amazingly thin, and 8 hours battery life. Having no fan is pretty neat too, no noise issues. The best part is, the $250 price tag, looks like a good competitor to the cheaper EEE's.
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