Wednesday, March 4th 2009

CeBIT 2009: Pretec SDXC Pops Up

We all remember the move from SD cards to SDHC. These offer more space in the same physical package, but are not backwards compatible. Now that SDHC is reaching is maximum capacity, a new format has been announced back in January, called SDXC. It will support up to 2 TB capacity, while keeping the same form factor. Walking the show floor, we found Pretec quietly displaying a 32 GB card at their booth. Remember, while older cards work in SDXC card readers and devices, you will need a new reader or device to use SDXC cards. Déjà-vu anyone?Source: TechPowerUp
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Whilst I AM glad these things are moving along - and it inevitably will mean larger , cheaper Flash Drives, I am somewhat disappointed that we have to KEEP doing the "Oh deer everything incompatible all over again" dance.

I am curious to see if this new SDXC protocol includes improved read/write rates, because putting 2Tb on a card at 8mb/second could be painfull.

"Déjà-vu anyone?"

- With milk and one sugar please :)
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where the hell are my stars
my HC cards worked in older non-HC readers?
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well, the SDXC format is just another patchup, adds support for extra addressing and exFAT, supposobly some older devices can be upgraded from SDHC to SDXC with a firmware upgrade, my Cowon D2 was originaly SD only and now carries a 32gb SDHC,
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