Tuesday, March 17th 2009

Spire Introduces the Tethys Micro ATX Chassis

Nowadays workspace is constantly getting smaller, which means your pc has to move with the times! The future of Micro ATX cases has arrived, The Tethys.
This stylish and innovative case breaks the conforms of the usual. This case has been made to the highest possible quality to provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for in a small, yet powerful package. Complete with its own integrated LCD display to provide you with all the information you need to keep your system at optimal. No matter the challenge, this case will be sure to deliver what you want, when you want.

Main Features:
  • Durable Lightweight Metal
  • Stylish & Sophisticated Design
  • Dust Free Design
  • Front USB and Audio Connections
  • Full Folded Edge, Full Screen & Radiation Protected
  • Intergrated LCD-Display
  • Micro ATX-Motherboard Compatible
  • Rear & Front 2x60mm Fan Spacing
Product Includes:
  • Owner Manual
  • Screws
  • Mainboard stand-off

The Tethys is compatible with all MICRO-ATX and ITX form factor platforms.


The Tethys MICRO ATX SOHO Chassis is now available for direct shipping from the Spire factory in ShenZhen, China. Distribution thru global branches and partner distributors will comence early April.
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8 Comments on Spire Introduces the Tethys Micro ATX Chassis

Looks cheap, cooling options and cable management aren't anything special or good. Only good point I can see is the LCD screen but it will probably fail anyway.
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Looks like it has an ipod touch jammed into it. If it were made out of nice materials, it'd be a nice case on a (severe) budget.
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I like how they only say 'intergrated LCD' or 'LCD' display.. No resolutions, or mention of colors.. I'm guessing that it's nothing more than a mono chrome display not unlike those found in most aftermarket car stereos.. (you can even see the set time buttons next to the screen) So this is just another typical m-atx case..
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Graphical Hacker
2 x 60mm fans... Not my fav. Very whiny!
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They come up with a great idea, but the question is, will it perform fine?...lol
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Love the CD-ROM engraving! Its sooo 1997!
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MRCL said:
Love the CD-ROM engraving! Its sooo 1997!
1X :roll:
It makes me remember my first pc...good ol' times.
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I think it would be nice to put a dfi x58 jr + 3 gigs ddr3 +a 4870x2 and i7 with a proper cooler and a 800psu...
U d have a mini monster there...A hot one maybe but still a monster...
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