Thursday, March 19th 2009

DFI Launches LANParty DK 790FXB-M3H5 AM3 Motherboard

DFI finally added an AM3 motherboard based on the AMD 790FX chipset to its lineup. The LANParty Dark 790FXB-M3H5 makes it to the tier of motherboards that are based on the AMD 790FX + SB750 chipset, and support DDR3 memory. Looks and feature-wise, this board is near-identical to the LP DK 790FXB-M2RSH, except for the fact that it features the AM3 socket, supports the latest AMD AM3 CPUs out of the box, and supports DDR3 memory. DFI advertises this board to be "the best OC platform".

The board features a 4+1 phase CPU power circuit. It features two full-length electrically 16-lane PCI-Express 2.0 slots to support ATI CrossFireX. The third full-length slot is electrically x4. The board supports DDR3 800/1066/1333 MHz memory, and DDR3-1600 by overclocking. DFI uses the Marvell 8056 gigabit Ethernet controller, which is advertised to be 15% faster than competing models. Audio is care of Realtek ALC885 HD audio. LANParty ABS II on the fly overclocking feature, backed by DFI's iconic Genie BIOS, make for the rest of the feature-set.
Source: DFI
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7 Comments on DFI Launches LANParty DK 790FXB-M3H5 AM3 Motherboard

for OC yes but not for day to day computing... :)
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The Exiled Airman
Damn, i had the DDR2 version against Gigabytes offering, what to pick. Hmm...
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great mobo if i think about phenom II sure i think about this mobo
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Oh hells naw. I'm gonna cancel my ASUS 790GX DDR3 board order now!
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adrianxfor OC yes but not for day to day computing... :)
They are perfectly fine for day to day stuff as well. DFI are quite reliable, in the beginning my X48 ran on optimized defaults at stock no problem. Its actually one of the most stable boards i ever had.

Props to DFI for making their AM3 board, now i just want to see the UT version.
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I think this maybe my new board.
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Running both LP UT 790FX M2R and LP JR 790GX M2RS running 24/7, and the 790gx does a 9850 at 1.7 Volts, DAAAMN.

They ARE reliable, They are in the class of the elites, They are perfect, ehm, not true.

Here's the words I would say to anyone who asks me about DFI.

If you know about bios, and setting memory timings, and often the sub timings aswell, you love to run oc 24/7 or just oc for fun and records.

DFI is good for you ;)

If you really have no experience with bios and memory settings, and bios in general.
And just want it to work.

Do not buy, yeah, seriously, dont!

DFI doesnt set memory timings automaticly, even though they set crazy low timings like 5-5-6-30 and such, some settings are just not for youre memory, and may mean: BSOD.

easy enough.

DFI is what I want, and they never fail on me, however, they aint always very refined like the NF4 days, but they are very good indeed.
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