Friday, April 17th 2009

Lian Li Launches Latest NC-09 Notebook Cooler

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the NC-09 Notebook cooler pad. The brushed all aluminum black anodized structure has a huge 220mm 5V silent DC Fan with a blue LED and a large steel mesh which allows extra air-flow under the notebook. The Notebook Cooler has dual USB connectors with one mini USB power connector which can accept either a notebook power source, or a Universal 5V USB Cellphone charger. In addition there is a on/off switch to facilitate ease of use. The mini USB provides power to the fan and other USB connectors (Fan uses 300MA only).

The NC-09 cooler has a three level height adjustment, or alternatively the smooth base panel can conveniently be placed on a flat sur face or on one’s lap. The NC-09 is perfect for High End notebooks, since Aluminum is four times more effective than steel to transfer and dissipate heat. The NC-09 has been designed for 12.1”/14”/15”/17” notebooks. For more details on features for the NC-09 please go to the Lian-Li website.
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The fact that the laptops are raised off the surface by small bevels, or feet, makes the heat transfer aspect useless. Why cant these companies keep it simple? Though, at least lian li used one big fan instead of several small and loud, low airflow fans.
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IMO, the very fact that a market exists for strange, fugly, noisey, power cable requiring, laptop coolers just goes to show design fail in performance laptops. Both Intel/AMD are failing to producing a laptop design that provides the performance that some people want in a reasonable power/heat envelope.

Who exactly wants these mega-performance laptops? People who want to game/CAD and dont have desktops? (Probably 90% of the occasion). Then my design solution would be to have true laptop, low weight, low power requirement, low heat, that would have a "performance docking station". Such a design would also allow people to upgrade their laptops to performance if they needed it, and an upgrade path for the manufacturers to sell ever more higher performing docking stations without forcing the user to upgrade the WHOLE PC, incl. cpu, kb, memory, screen, dvd, etc.

I would have thought that using IGP onboard with a crossfire/SLI capability through the docking station, with bigger power supply/VR on the DS that can also feed the laptop, would not be that difficult to implement. eSATA, USB, firewire, could also be provided.

Relatively easy to implement, but a lot more expensive having a laptop come in 2 discrete parts. So perhaps Intel/AMD need to try harder to improve performance at lower heat, and USERS should stay away from trying to turbo-charge a laptop. Horses for courses.
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~Technological Technocrat~
they should have included a dial or something where you can tune the fan speed up or down
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lemonadesoda said:
Who exactly wants these mega-performance laptops?
Me while at work.
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Do people actually buy these things? It looks like more and more of these are being released. The first one I saw on a local PC store few years ago... that was from Titan.
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