Thursday, April 23rd 2009

‘NERO MOVE IT’ Gets 5-Fold Performance Boost From NVIDIA CUDA Architecture

NVIDIA today announced that NERO has released an update to its Nero Move it software that reduces video encoding time by up to five times by utilizing NVIDIA’s CUDA computing architecture built inside select NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). NVIDIA CUDA technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to transfer video files to portable devices, while freeing up the CPU to perform other tasks.

Nero Move it is designed to allow consumers to effortlessly convert and share digital media content among a variety of popular entertainment devices. It is a complete software solution for collecting, organizing, transferring, and publishing digital media files from one device to another, as well as for uploading digital content to online communities. By using CUDA technology to tap the massively parallel processing power of NVIDIA GPUs, Nero Move it converts videos in a fraction of the usual time, reducing the length of time to perform such tasks as customizing an HD video for an iPod, from hours to mere minutes.
“Nero Move it is all about easy, hassle-free management of your digital media,” said Kris Barton, executive vice president of global products, Nero AG. “NVIDIA CUDA allows you to move content between your mobile devices with incredible speed and convenience, so it’s a perfect complement to Nero Move it.”

Supporting all formats for music, videos and photos, Nero Move it lets you enjoy your multimedia files on the most popular portable and mobile devices, and take control of your digital media library.

“Applications that make our lives simpler rise to the top,” said Michael Steele, general manager of visual consumer solutions at NVIDIA. “Nero Move it clearly achieves that goal with its sleek interface and unmistakably fast file conversion for video, audio, and photos. We’re excited that NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA are enabling millions of consumers to enjoy this new Nero experience.”

CUDA is NVIDIA’s GPU computing architecture for massively parallel processing. The first CUDA GPU was introduced in November 2006 with the GeForce 8800 and has been in every new GPU since, with more than 118 million CUDA-enabled GPUs in the market today.

Nero Move it is currently available worldwide with a suggested retail price of $49.99 USD and via online download from the Nero Online Shop. The version of Nero Move it with support for NVIDA CUDA is available today as a free update for current Nero Move it customers. For further information about Nero Move it and other Nero products, please visit NVIDIA
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12 Comments on ‘NERO MOVE IT’ Gets 5-Fold Performance Boost From NVIDIA CUDA Architecture

csendesmark said:
Why dont OpenCL?
the opencl standard is finished?
i wants ati stream support too if theres cuda. i mean if nvidia get a foothold of companies and shit it might hurt competition between them.
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Remember folks this isn't free. And you have to have certain hardware to use it. As been echoed before regarding situations like this, the writing is on the wall with OpenCL. Just be patient.
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EastCoasthandle said:
Remember folks this isn't free.
It's not? ... >:}
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Honestly I have a better time using free software for things like this.
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Too bad Nero software turned into some of the most bloated crap available.
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As soon as ATI ges off their arrses and makes the software to support their original claims, rendering will be free, and still faster than the Nvidia solution.
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Excuse my ignorance here, really but would this make it possible to take an 8gb .VOB file and encode it to say H.264 MPEG 4? Or is this way off topic of what the article is implying?
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im thinking Nero is going to be the next super software company 0.0
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arg! ATI get YOUR work done! you fooled me with my x1900 wich indeed speeded up Video rendering with Cyberlink codec and DXVA but ati avivo should have done that for free!!!!

and this time i have to use coreavc to get decent frame rates on my hd3650 and with nvidia it would fly only because ATI doesn't give low level access to it's hardware like Nv :wtf:

what's the point this time? still f customers? like last time
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