Monday, April 27th 2009

Hynix Announces High Speed, Low Power 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. announced that it has developed the world’s first mobile 1Gb DDR2 DRAM using 54nm process technology. By successfully developing a 50nm-class process, Hynix has overcome the challenge of producing mobile DRAMs with both high speed and low power consumption features.

This device is offered at a maximum speed of 1066MHz, and with 32-bit I/O, boasts bandwidth of 4.26GB/s(Giga byte per second) on a single channel device and 8.52GB/s on a dual channel. Hynix’s ‘One Chip Solution’ design, offers the customer flexible options with 2-bit or 4-bit prefetch, and 16 or 32-bit I/O on a single chip. Additionally, Hynix’s new mobile DDR2 is an eco-friendly device since it consumes only 50% of power compared to the previous generation mobile DDR, and 30% compared to standard DDR2 DRAM.
The product complies with the JEDEC standards, and is well suited for next generation mobile applications such as MID (Mobile Internet Device), NetBooks and High-end smartphones requiring high bandwidth and extended battery life.

The product is available in JEDEC standard packages and also in custom packages to meet a wide range of user requirements. Hynix plans to start mass production of this product in the second half of this year to satisfy the increasing demand for high performance mobile applications.Source: Hynix
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5 Comments on Hynix Announces High Speed, Low Power 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM

awesome. its nice to see DDR2 is still getting research put into it!
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h3llb3nd4 said:
but will it clock nicely?
crank up the volts and i'm sure it will.
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Hynix going for first place , it is go remove sumsung from the top
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want see desktop sticks with these chips........*drool*
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