Tuesday, May 5th 2009

Lian-Li Launches Red ARMORSUIT PC-P50R Mid Tower Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial has launched the ARMORSUIT SERIES PC-P50R Mid Tower chassis ideal for gaming systems. The hair-line brushed all aluminum chassis features advanced thermal dynamics, using one fan on the front (1x 120 mm@1200 RPM), plus dual vibration reduced top mounted fans (2x 140 mm@1000 RPM) and one rear 120 mm@1500 RPM extraction fan. The 8x PCI expansion slots enable CrossFireX and Tri-SLI graphic card setups. The chassis front face has 9x 5.25” ODD bays which have filters that are washable. The front panel clips off easily and conveniently. The entire chassis is designed for tool-less implementation, so installing your hardware and getting your system up and running is extremely quick and easy. The dimensions stand at 210x490x490 mm (W, H, D). The top and front panels are clipped via special plastic kits which reduce metal on metal contact wear as well as prevent vibration. The red parts are individually anodized before assembly to ensure a quality look and feel.

Complete Tool-Less Design
The first of its kind unique Power Supply Bracket allows the PSU to be secured using only the tool-less clasp which is ideal to hold the PSU securely without the need for securing screws. The ODD 5.25” bays have a patented mounting bar which secures your optical drives safely and securely. The PCI brackets made of solid aluminum have a special tool-less clip to secure your graphics and daughter cards with the utmost of ease. Similarly the HDD drives are secured in a tool-less bracket and mounted with rubber grommet struts to prevent movement and vibration from today’s fast moving and highly specialized HDD components. The front panel and top panel are easily detachable for access to fans and air filters. The ARMORSUIT PC-P50R chassis is imbued with all the functional and user friendly design aspects users have come to expect in a Lian Li case.

Thermal features
Lian Li engineers have optimized the airflow to enter from the front mounted fans, directly cooling the HDD’s and ODD’s and thereafter refreshing the CPU region. The hot air generated by the CPU and GPU is directly extracted via the rear 120mm Fan and the dual top mounted fans. Both top mounted fans have special vibration free kits, which allow for silent operation as well as easy and safe removal of the fans should you wish to do so. The volume of airflow is more than sufficient to keep your gaming rig cool and conveniently silent.

General features
The chassis supports 9x 5.25” Optical drive bays and 3 additional internal 3.5” bays for HDD’s in an anti-vibration movable cage. Each HDD has its own clip in bracket. The ARMORSUIT PC-P50R case is for Micro-ATX or ATX motherboards and has 8 PCI expansion slots, which are well ventilated with special vented brackets when not in use. The top panel is removable with the multimedia I/O ports on the top panel consisting of 2x USB2.0 as well as HD+AC97 Audio. The PSU has an advanced flame-retardant vent built into the bottom of the chassis. This uniquely designed vent prevents the possibility of heat and flames from exiting your case via the vent should something catastrophic like a short circuit occur to your PSU or other equipment inside.

Traditional Durability
The classical stylish functional design is the Lian Li goal. The essence of Lian Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

For more details on features and extras available for the ARMORSUIT PC-P50R please go to the Lian Li website: http://www.lian-li.com.tw/v2/en/product/product06.php?pr_index=332&cl_index=1&sc_index=25&ss_index=62 Source: Lian-Li
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32 Comments on Lian-Li Launches Red ARMORSUIT PC-P50R Mid Tower Chassis

I'd have that, maybe change the red... I'm guessing it costs alot though...
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Yeah its probably going to cost a fortune, and probably even more so in this country:-(
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This could be an interesting case for watercooling with minimal to no modding, provided that the dual fans on top have 15mm spacing.

Oh yeah, seems like it :)
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Any other brand that makes cases with more then 7 PCI expansion slots?:D
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Resident Grammar Amender
Not keen on the window graphic, but otherwise that's a pretty smart case.
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The Knife in your Back
Windows is meh, but this is a far better looking case than most Lian Li's I like it.
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Lol its almost like my case :p
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The hardisk cage is for 2.5 SSDs defiantly built for expensive piece of kit.
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~Technological Technocrat~
this case is butt rapingly awesome!!! I want one!!!
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LOts of areas to change and modify:)
Awesome! I want:D
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Excuse me whilst I return my jaw from the floor to my face :eek:

Ill be watching pricing of these over here in the UK. Gorgeous if you ask me.
Bird of Prey
I love it. Id take that and use it over my HAF ::Cringe:: Did I just say that? This may be my next case for the Phenom 2 rig I build :)
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I would take it home and spray it blue:D
So much features in this case!!
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WarEagle, I was going to say it looks nicer than the HAF, but then I remembered I dont want to be murdered haha.

Honestly, next to the HAF 932 and 922 and the antec 1200 / 902, this is possibly one of THE nicest cases I have seen in a long time.
All these comments makes me want to rush back ASAP and get this case!:(
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I'm the only one
The 490mm depth might be a tad short for them long graphics cards though,500+ would be better.
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i have to say, i have been big on the haf, but this one makes me wonder.

love it
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i almost bought one of the old black ones on craigslist...it was missing the side panel and all the screws but he was selling it for $40..man i wish i would have bought it :( i could have painted it and made it look just like these.
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This case is sexy. I'll never be able to afford one, though.:(
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Simply the most beutiful case in teh world. :X
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I want them to make a Revision 2 of the PC-80 Armorsuit with the new features that the PC-50 has (mobo cutout for one).
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Loving that paintwork!!
If i had to criticize i would say they could of done a better job on the exterior looks.
HAF looks with this... maybe even a 230mm on the top and front? yummy!

How much is it?
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apparently from other sources its 'AMD Branded'.... are they saying that because its red and its AMD's main colour is red or is it actually AMD Branded?
The ARMORSUIT PC-P50R, pictured below, is a custom-styled derivative of the recently-launched ARMORSUIT PC-P50 and sports both an AMD logo and RED anodised innards to give it that true ATI feel. - HEXUS
Oh they have sooo lost sales.....

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