Thursday, May 28th 2009

ASUS Designs Own Monster Dual-GTX 285 4 GB Graphics Card

ASUS has just designed a new monster graphics card that breaks the mold for reference design GeForce GTX 295, called the ASUS MARS 295 Limited Edition. The card, although retains the name "GeForce GTX 295", same device ID, and is compatible with existing NVIDIA drivers, has two huge innovations put in by ASUS, which go far beyond being yet another overclocked GeForce GTX 295: the company used two G200-350-B3 graphics processors, the same ones that make the GeForce GTX 285. The GPUs have all the 240 shader processors enabled, and also have the complete 512-bit GDDR3 memory interface enabled. This dual-PCB monstrosity holds 32 memory chips, and 4 GB of total memory (each GPU accesses 2 GB of it). Apart from these, each GPU system uses the same exact clock speeds as the GeForce GTX 285: 648/1476/2400 MHz (core/shader/memory).
Each PCB holds 16 memory chips, a 6-phase digital PWM power circuit, drawing auxiliary power from an 8-pin PCI-E power connector, the GeForce GTX 285-class GPU, and its companion NVIO2 processor. The PCB holding the PCI-Express bus interface, also holds the bridge chip. ASUS broke away with using the nForce 200 chip, and instead is using a yet to be disclosed third-party bridge chip. Currently, PLX and IDT are two likely sources for such a chip. The memory consists of high-density 0.77 ns memory chips made by Hynix.
The electrical-management on each PCB is care of a Volterra VRM controller, which supports the I2C interface, which means that the card supports software voltage control, perhaps a big plus for ASUS' Voltage Tweak feature that is gaining in popularity. Fused power circuit provides Over Current Protection while also facilitating extreme overclocking.

The cooler internally has the same basic construction as the reference cooler, it uses a single leaf-blower. The card spans across two expansion slots and is slightly higher than the reference design card. ASUS also used slightly longer internal bridges that make more room for third-party coolers, and the likes. Our source from ASUS EMEA conducted a quick 3DMark Vantage test proving the card's seamless compatibility with existing drivers, while also providing a significant boost in performance over existing GTX 295 cards. Being Quad-SLI capable, this card finally makes GeForce GTX 285 (effective) quad-SLI possible, and makes for the most powerful desktop multi-GPU setup ever conceived. ASUS designed this card despite pressure from NVIDIA enforcing its rigid policy of restricting its partners from custom-designing GeForce GTX 295. If everything goes smooth throughout the development process, the card might make it for a gala launch at Computex.
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kinc, post: 1403351"
This is with liquid nitrogen thermal solution installed on the cards. I didnt have time to insluate well enough so cards are only running -40C with 1.175V set via software (up from 1.15V). There is headroom :)
Off topic I know, but what is the motherboard mounted to? Can it be purchased? I change a lot of capacitors on motherbaords and I have been looking for quite a while for a device I can mount a motherboard to so I don't have to hold it while trying to solder caps in and out. If anyone knows anything that is good for this please advise. I would really prefer something that holds the motherboard in the same upright position as a case does but is open on both sides. Oh yeah, im drooling for that videocard...........
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Kitkat, post: 1405598"
thanks on the first part but the secondpart is totaly backwards as i said we are in a much DIFERENT time then yesterday. Code > HW. and now processs are made MUCH faster as i said in the very first post amounts WONT mean much. as they dont now. Yesterday all they could do was raise it. Now we have faster dev to smaller processes. to repeat myself 22 28 32 40 55. Same with ram. Ram speeds are about to go UP. and 2Gigs will do X times more than what it used to asn FASTER. This card will be no faster than the 1g version. In ANY feild. on 3 frames maybe... over the 100 it was already?? Will u notice NO. Chip / ram speeds have WAY more influence then a ram amount. We should be over amounts and on to speed.
We are moving away from 32bit code and towards solely 64bit code.. So come back and talk to me in few years, when your code needs more space.
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also it is good card for folding , but seems you need water cool for this card , they do everything great in this card except the cooler
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the results are with 2x 295 mars, (4 GPUs) that's how they anchived X25k and almost 25k on
gpu score on xtreme vantage marks.
I Think Asus should at least Make 10 times more for limited edition, because i belive they all
would fly even with these crysis and knowing next gen it's poping out anytime
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