Wednesday, July 22nd 2009

Enermax Rolls Out Staray Mid-Tower Chassis

Enermax introduced a new mid-tower chassis, with the Staray (model: ECA3170). This fairly standard case design packs two illuminated 120 mm fans on the side-panel, and one of its recently introduced Apollish UCAP12 case fans on the front. There are options for blue or red coloured fan lighting. Measuring (D) 450 x (W) 185 x (H) 411 mm, Staray is fabricated with SECC steel and plastic. It has four exposed 5.25 inch drive bays, one exposed 3.5" bay, and six internal 3.5" bays. It has a tool-free drive retention mechanism. It has holes for water-cooling tubing to pass. Targeted at the mainstream segment, the Enermax Staray hits stores, priced at 49.90 Euro.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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10 Comments on Enermax Rolls Out Staray Mid-Tower Chassis

Weird that it doesn't come with an Enermax PSU. I was about to say finally a case that comes with a PSU people can depend on, but I guess not :p
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~Technological Technocrat~
It honestly doesnt look like a bad case! wonder how it stacks up against an Antec 300 Im liking the blue LEDs on the side or at least the way the fans are positioned right next to a scorchio scorchio graphics card.
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I want this, looks stylish imho.
And is better than mine and cheap too.
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Bird of Prey
hard pressed to find cases with PSUs in them. If Enermax put one in there, then it wouldn't cost $50 anymore. You might as well 3 or 4x that amount for a quality PSU from ENermax.
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Very true WarEagleAU. It would have been cool to see it bundled with an Enermax 400W or similar for $100 as an option, though.
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InTeL-iNsIdE said:
No cable management at all :shadedshu
Yeah that is kinda strange....
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no cable management holes in the mb tray? why? I don't think it costs so much making some holes
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I like enermax,, but they sux at cases
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