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  • w00t! That is awesome man! Congrats on having your PC back!
    Yeah, that heatsink is seemed a little weak to cool-down a northbridge under a hot climate (considering yours is OC'ed and taking load all the time). Mine isn't that bulky too, but it hasn't burned so far. Let's see how it will hold up this summer.
    BTW, why were you playing Prototype with the IGP? Don't you have a HD4650 for that? :p
    I read that your motherboard died. Are you able to fix it? (if not, R.I.P) How did it burn?
    A sad day. I'm sorry for your loss.
    Almost the same problem as you, work is piling up this semester and I can't find the time to come here, or GN by that matter, and post.
    Why no more "Hardware Surgeon"?
    Did you ran out of patients or were you fired? :p
    yeah later i use opera mini for browsing and it acts kinda strange so it needs a time to view the notification
    I really confuse between Intel and AMD ? Which one is good for gaming ? I need CPU which is not bottleneck to my HD5850. Any suggestion ?
    20C ! holy..thats monster lol... the old HSF and paste must have been bone dry and/or the face of the HSF might not be totally flat. After running a benchmark or game, plz post a screenshot showing the graph on Speedfan running in the background. It would be nice to compare the 'curves' heh..
    awesome.. if you dont have Arctic Silver 5 or similar, then the paste already on it will do a good job. your temps should drop by 5-10C ;)
    I really dont get why Its so hard for you to understand. Your english is fine. Plz stop asking q's about the RMA and figure it out. I dont like having to repeat things. gl
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