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  • I know, I had issues affording my electric bill but I'll get on it tomorrow or tonight. I gave up smoking and now can afford my bills :)
    thats good news man uhgg I still have to sort that whole mess of a GAU website logo contest thing out...you think the other judges I appointed would mind if it was just me and you picking the winners?
    hey man how have you been, I havnt been on TPU in FOR EVER, you holding down the fort?:p
    Good actually. I'm on everyday, but I just don't post that often anymore. But I'm trying to be more active now.
    Not sure about the epoxy vs/ hot glue. Haven't worked with either of them. Just make sure it's a watertight seal! Especially with heat too, because those buggers get hot.

    I love internally mounted rads.
    Try 6x 3k Ultra Kaze's, tho, thinking of selling 2 and the BIX240, and just using the 480.
    Well, I finallly figured out why the loop was always noisy, bad Res possitioning. Got that solved and its silent for good. New fans coming for it, we'll see how they do. How's your day so far?
    Well got dual chan running, think a stick I got is bad. Maybe once I get an OS installed, I will try with the Xig DK again, doesn't like ram in certain slots. Already resat the NB TIM with MX-2 cause when I checked temps in BIOS the first time, was at 71c, then got and fan on it, which brought it down to under 60c, replace TIM, has been at 40c with a fan, least while I was monitoring.
    nother day of sitting around waiting on nice hardware, and with the shitty weather out side, not sure how im going to get to BB to get a card
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