media fun

November 17th 2017
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Small Form Factor
pentium 4560 gtx 106 8gb mem
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3 Comments on media fun

I'm a huge fan of micro-builds, so I'd like a few more images of what exactly is in this.

Looks pretty neat , but more images please.
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mike cornelissen
Its the same as my other build but with different specs and parts. i have 2 of them now so if you wanna see pictures of the build take a look at the VR build with RX470.
Actualy there both changed again the first one got a gtx 1070 now and better power brick, the second has a i5 6500 as well and the gtx 1060 is overclocked and updated with more ram.

nice to have a few of those small ones
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