No Wires????***New Pics updated***

April 17th 2007
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Key Features:
High Rated
System Specs:
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600 2.4Ghz, OC to 2.6Ghz
  • Motherboard Asus Crosshair
  • Cooling 4-120mm, 2-80mm fans, CPU-Blue Orb 2
  • Memory OCZ 2GB DDR2 800Mhz
  • Video Card Ati 1900XTX, OC to 688/792
  • Harddisk Western digital 150Gb 10,000rpm
  • CD/DVD Drive ho knows (it works)
  • CRT/LCD Model 19" Samsung SyncMaster 940bf
  • Case Thermaltake Armor
  • Sound Card Original Audigy
  • PSU Thermaltake TWV 500W
  • Software Windows XP
Performed Mods:
2-120mm fans were added to the front blowing air in the case. On the back of the case a 120mm, and 80mm hole were cut, so the 2 back fans can take the hot air out of the case more easily. Material used to go in front of the fan so I don't chop up my fingers is basic plastic gutter guard bought at home depot for $3. ATI 1900XTX mods: OC to 688/792 Temp before mods at same OC were: Idle: 52C with fan @ 40% load: 72C with fan at 100% Voltage regulator: Idle: 49C Load: 67C After the mods as in the pics, same OC: Idle: 44C with fan @ 40% load: 66C with fan at 100% Voltage regulator: Idle: 44C Load: 60C For something that didn't cost anything, it worked very well, I was very impressed by the results.
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46 Comments on No Wires????***New Pics updated***

Very Awesome! amazing wire job, i love the mod on your video card,how is the plastic gutter guard hooked on to your front fans? thinking of doing something similar
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WTF?! Where'd all your wires go? Heh. awesome management.
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That is absolutely sweet! I wish I could get my wires like that! Have you cut holes in the tray behind the motherboard etc?

Oh and 10/10
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its a magic pc, no frikin wires damn i hate you, hate you !!!!!

v nice tho one of the only few on here i would actually give a 9/10 as 10/10 is perfect and we all know no one is ;) keep it up soldier :p
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Uncle Vinnie
Gutter guard is hooked on with staples.

Yes there is 2 holes in behind the motherboard about 2*2 inches big, that's the only way I could get rid of all the wires.
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I agree with the guy a few posts above me. I HATE YOU TOO!! Excellent job man!! 9/10 from me. Wiring job is nothing short of amazing looking.
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Finally someone got wire management right. Beautiful rig, Excellent job. Home depo also sells perferated metal screening in several patterns for covering heating vents, etc. Brass, copper, aluminum, and steel available, can also be painted.
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OMFG!!!! the wirez! they must be in a 4th dimension!

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wow nice job on the custom cooling for the x1900xtx 9/10
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Teach me your ways oh great PC Jedi Master .... lol .... simply awesome job on the cables and I love the modded X1900XTX Super Cooled Edition .... 9 / 10 coz its not sitting in "MY" games room ... lol
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I like what you did with the looks as though their non-existant. 8 from me
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Graphical Hacker
That gfx card is really neat... but a little overkill.
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Perfect other then you could use a new cpu cooler...Should have removed the shroud when you cut it so you didnt cut into the funs...but other then that it is perfect. congrats! 10/10
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Dainty Moderator
OMFG werred your wores go?...dude 10/10
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Uncle Vinnie
I've been thinking of a new CPU cooler, however that Cooler is doing it's job cooling the CPU that I haven't bothered with it.
CPU is OC to 2.6Ghz, not a lot but....
Idle temp 29-30C
Load: 48C

Thanks a lot everyone for the compliments.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
Incredible clean!
very nice cable management
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Nice one bruvva!!!! I bit to blue for me but hey, looks sick anyways...


PS. Love the vcard mod!!! You should probably just cut the whole plastic cover off the heatsink though and mount a 120mm on it... the air from the original fan is probably pushing against the air from the mounted fan. It could be reducing the cooling slightly... ;)
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Knows what makes you tick
Beyond nice my friend. Incredible job. 10/10.
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Wile E
Power User
That is by far, the best wiring job I have ever seen. Not even VooDoo PC approaches this level of neatness. Simply amazing. I think the only thing you could do to make it better are to get a new cpu cooler, and perhaps getting your video cooler mod to look neater (fiberglass, perhaps?) 9/10 from me.
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Wowzers! lol 10/10.

The card mod is a great highlight let alone the rest of the awsome set-up.. really makes me want to cut some holes in my case lol but I need longer sata cables.

You gave me courage to have my 1900gt bios oc'ed to highspeed :) The longer I wait for dx10 the better I think since its new. 660/780 here I come :D
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10/10 from me! Any chance to show the other side? Many people want to learn the wiring magic.
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Senior Moderator
Excellent work. One of the best cable hiding jobs I've seen.
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Uncle Vinnie
I thought of putting a pic of the back of the case showing the wiring, but I changed my mind, we all know what's going to look like, cables have to be somewhere.

I decided not to put the pic up, that would take away the hard working I had, to hide all the cables.
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Zero Cool
you are cheating, put the wires in there!

jk 10/10
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cheater . . i dont like cheaters . . jk awesome 10/10
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I'd like to see the wires to give me some insight on how you did it.My case is a Kandalf and almost the same as yours and it'd be nice to know what you had to do.You drill round ones or cut square holes?
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i never got why people dont just put a big hole on that side of the case and attach a fan to it.. i guess someone cutting a 2 inch hole in the side of their case should be no suprise to but it's easy to hide your wires when their not in your case but whats the other side of the pc look like? lol.. i don't want to massacre my case.. but still I agree that loks very easy on the eyes.. an excellent job.
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A+ man thats slick makes me regret not kicking out the extra cash for that armor
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amazing..... a 10 from me

vote for me too plz(project geminii part2)
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go to hell :grin:

seriously, nice job, i can only see just av ery small bit of the psu cable. what does the wiring side look like?

you get a 10/10.

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Knows what makes you tick
Holy crap!!! That is outstanding. It gives Sladesurfer a run for his money. I am impressed 10/10.
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nice job with the wiring. although, your cpu needs to be OCed. try 250x12 HTx4 :D
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Did you have to mod the back of the case to fit things through? I'm putting together a build with the thermaltake armor, and even with it right in front of me and for the life of me I can't figure out how you hid the 24pin connector.
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Eat, sleep, game!
Victor Von Frankenstein would be proud of that graphics card :)
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That is one of the most amazing wire management jobs I've seen. Holy crap, I'd me plain embarrassed to show mine after this. I wish I had a dremmel to cut some holes, that's all I'm gonna say...
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Eat, sleep, game!
Youve done an amazing job....but am I the only one that thinks it looks 'strange' without any wires showing? It seems really I said, its probably just me, Im used to seeing wires I think lol :)
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Dude you're a beast. Having just put together a setup with an Armor, I admire you. Granted, I have 6x the HDDs, and I think +5 or so fans, but I definitely may consider the dremmel magic.

Absolutely Beautiful, and amazing dedication to the art!!: 9/10, as you have minimal peripherals at all (No CD/DVD Drive?) I see the drive now, but still no other peripherals attached.
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Very Nice job. 10/10.

I agree to hide all the POWER cables. But keeping the SATA cables (glow) would be nice. Data (connectivity) and POWER LINES are different. I think the "art" can still include the DATA so long as there arent big chuncky IDE cables in there.
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The most amazing wire management I have ever seen 10/10
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