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ABIT Website To Go Completely Shut By End of February

Back in March, 2009, the industry lost ABIT as a consumer motherboard vendor, as it announced its exit. ABIT had been a reputable vendor of high-end PC motherboards. The company stayed on as a shell to complete honoring warranties, with its website on a little longer, to help with drivers, BIOS, and product manual downloads, among other things. It appears now that the clock for the website has also run out. A notice on the start page of the website says that the website will go offline on the 28th February, 2012. If you have an ABIT product, it would be a good idea to download PDF files of its manuals, a copy of its BIOS (if applicable), and drives, before the website goes down for good.

abit Closes Down Forever

According to the latest news on the web, the well known motherboard manufacturer abit, once a leading provider of high-performance motherboards and video cards, will close doors forever in the month to come. Now we all know that the company halted the production of its motherboards, but it was never meant to close doors forever. Instead, abit was to move into the consumer electronics market with products like digital picture frames and mobile internet devices. Yes, but no one thought of the world economic crisis. reports that abit's parent company USI has now decided to pull abit out of the channel market entirely. abit's marketing director Thore Welling commented:
After 20 years in the market the abit brand now bids farewell, so it's also time for me now to lock the doors of the marketing department. That's it for good now.
If this information confirms, the whole liquidation of abit should be finished in around a month.Source:

Shutters Down for Abit on December 31

Abit, one of the most popular brand names with motherboards, will be formally closing shop on December 31. A popular brand among computer enthusiasts, Abit has a history of churning out some of the best high-end motherboards. Bad corporate governance, along with poor decision-making at the management level, set Abit on a path towards its slow and painful end. Revived by the United Scientific Industrial (USI) in 2006, the company showed some resurgence, it also planned to diversify into peripherals such as digital photo frames, speakers, etc., alongside its desktop motherboards lineup, but evidently it didn't help the company. Post Dec. 31, the company will continue to honour its warranty and RMA commitments for up to three years according to an earlier report. Farewell Abit!Source: TweakTown

Abit to Exit Motherboard Market

It is confirmed that abit, maker of high-end and gaming motherboards will exit the business of motherboards. The production is to stop by the end of this year. has confirmed this as fact from sources close to South East Asian distributors, all of which will be notified by their abit sales contacts from today onwards.

The company will continue to sell motherboards till the end of the year and will honour RMA and warranties for three years subsequently. This first made news as rumours back in May, and back then abit responded that they had no intentions of leaving the market, apparently because they weren't intended to move out back then.Source:

Universal abit Denies Claims That it is Leaving the Motherboard Business

Universal abit representatives today said that the company is not going to leave the motherboard arena and DigiTimes rumors are not to be believed. Thore Welling, Universal ABIT Global Marketing Director pointed out:
abit is a well established and strong brand within the enthusiast and high-end motherboard and components industry. In fact, particularly over the past 12 months we have been able to considerably increase market share not only in traditional markets such as Western Europe, but even stronger so in emerging markets such as East Asia as well as in the Middle East. Therefore, the broadening of our product lines into the Consumer Electronics (digital photo frames with integrated photo printer [FunFab] and MIDs) segment represents a stronger commitment to the overall brand and the continuation of our motherboard concept into other products. abit stays committed to motherboards and has a broad lineup of motherboards ready, as you will see in during Computex.

Universal abit Reportedly to Leave the Motherboard Market?

DigiTimes is reporting that Universal abit may abandon the motherboard business after evaluating the success of its upcoming Intel 4 series lineup of motherboards.
Abit's has failed to meet the expectations of parent company Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) in its ability to compete with fellow second-teir makers in terms of performance, or first-tier makers in terms of pricing in the mid-range and entry-level market, and so the company is evaluating whether to quit the market and start developing other products for the Abit brand, noted the sources.

In 2007, Abit shipped 2-3 million motherboards and had set a goal to ship six million units in 2008. However, the company's current shipments have actually decreased. Abit will determine whether to stay in the market after evaluating its shipments performance of P45-based motherboards, added the sources.
Source: DigiTimes

abit Introduces A-S78H Motherboard

abit today announced its latest AMD platform motherboard, the A-S78H, supporting ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Technology for advanced 3D graphics performance. The A-S78H is based on the AMD 780G chipset with ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics and the SB700. It supports AMD AM2+/AM2 processors running HT3.0 up to 5200MT/s. Four 240-pin DIMM sockets offer a maximum of 8GB memory capacity for Dual Channel DDR2 1066 modules. 1 x PCI-E X16, 1 x PCI-E X1, and 2 x PCI slots hold enough potential for further expansion and system upgrades with different add-on cards.

Universal Abit to sell NVIDIA Graphics Cards Again

Abit, the company that once dominated the motherboard market and from time to time offered some of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards is now considering to reborn its VGA business. Now known as Universal ABIT, the firm is reported to start selling video cards again, covering only offerings from NVIDIA. Unfortunately, the report ends here. Possible ship dates haven't been revealed yet.Source: DigiTimes

abit Announces I-G31 Motherboard

Today, abit launches the latest Multimedia Platform motherboard, the I-G31. With the Intel G31 chipset, the abit I-G31 supports Intel Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo & Pentium Dual-Core processors. With Intel's integrated Graphics Media Accelerator (Intel GMA 3100), the abit I-G31 not only offers advanced Clear Video Technology but also supports DirectX 9.0, Shader Model 2.0 and OpenGL 1.4. The abit I-G31 is compatible with next generation 45nm processors allowing for up to 1333FSB. To easily build a comfortable and powerful entertainment platform, the I-G31 offers an on-board D-SUB port and 5.1 CH HD audio codec. Moreover, with abit engineered features such as the abit EQ, you have a built-in hardware control center, automatically informing you in case abnormalities should occur.

abit Launches New IP35P Motherboard

abit launched today the IP35P, their latest motherboard with great overclockability. Based on Intel P35 chipset, the abit IP35P motherboard supports Intel Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo & Pentium Dual-Core & Celeron Dual Core processors. Besides the current 65nm processors, you are ready for the next generation 45nm processors with up to 1333 FSB. The IP35P supports max memory capacity of up to 8GB; most important of all, it supports DDR2 even up to 1066 OC, allowing you for overclocking to the extreme. Additionally, the high definition on-board audio offers the flexibility to use regular stereo PC speakers or any modern surround sound system up to 7.1 channels.

abit Launches I45D Motherboard

abit launches their latest entry-level value-platform motherboard, the I45D. The abit I45D motherboard supports Intel Core 2 Extreme/Core 2 Duo/Pentium Dual-Core/Celeron Dual Core processors. Other than the 65nm processors, you are ready for the next generation 45nm processors with up to 1333 FSB as well. Whether it is gaming, digital photography, or video editing, you are able to experience Intel's latest breakthrough technology- Intel Core 2 Extreme, with the I45D. The DIMM sockets support Dual channel DDR2 667 modules while the high definition on-board audio offers the flexibility to use regular stereo PC speakers or any modern surround sound system up to 5.1 channels. In addition, the PCI-EX16, PCI-EX1, and 3 PCI-E offer essential expansion you need.

abit Announces A-N68SV Motherboard

abit announced the A-N68SV motherboard for price-concerned users. This motherboard is based on the NVIDIA GeForce7025/nForce630a Chipset and supports socket AM2/AM2+ processors with 2000MT/s system bus using AMD’s Hyper Transport Technology. With the integrated graphics adapter the A-N68SV is a compact multimedia platform with the essential functions already integrated. For the more demanding user or future upgrader the additional PCI-E x 16 slot keeps the path open for future graphics cards. Two DIMM sockets support Dual channel DDR2 800 modules, while the high definition on-board audio offers the flexibility to use regular stereo PC speakers or any modern surround sound system scalable up to 5.1 channels.

abit AN52V Series Show Up

Expanding further into motherboard market, abit announced the AN52V series motherboard today. AN52V is powered by a single chip NVIDIA nForce 520 with support for AMD Socket AM2/AM2+ processors. The board has 4x 240-pin DDR2 800/667/533 DIMM slots (max 8GB), 1x PCI-E x16, 4x SATA 3Gb/s ports, on board Gigabit Ethernet LAN and HD 5.1 CH Audio codec. Other features are engineered by abit and include abit SoftMenu Technology and the innovative EZ CCMOS Switch to clear your BIOS easily from the back of your computer. Find out more here.

Source: abit

abit Unveils IX48-MAX Motherboard Based on Intel's X48 Chipset

While abit's IX38 QuadGT has only been recently introduced to the market, the company has now unveiled its IX48-MAX motherboard based on the soon to be announced Intel X48 high-end chipset. The X48 comes with official support for upcoming (Yorkfield-based) 1600MHz front side bus processors and provides many advanced overclocking features. The IX48-MAX will be a DDR3-1600 supporting motherboard with two PCI Express 2.0 16X slots, ICH9R Southbridge, and support for XMP memory.

Source: HEXUS

abit Launches AX78 AM2+ Motherboard

abit today announced their latest AMD 770 chipset-based motherboard, the abit AX78. This is abit’s first motherboard with native support for AMD Phenom quad-core processors delivering best performance for true quad-core processors, HyperTransport 3, Dual Channel DDR2 1066 memory, PCI Express 2.0 and CrossFire X. The unique abit engineered features set you apart from others and warrant for a most advanced computing experience with abit’s patented Silent OTES heatpipe, 4-phase PWM for AM2+ processors, 100% Japanese made capacitors for lasting durability and the external EZ CCMOS switch to reset your BIOS without the need to open your computer case. Set yourself apart with most advanced computing.

abit launches IX38 QuadGT Speedster

abit today announced their brand new enthusiast Intel X38 chipset based IX38 QuadGT Speedster motherboard. With the IX38 QuadGT Speedster you are prepared for the latest 65nm and next generation 45 nm Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo processors with up to 1600 FSB. A total of 8 GB high-end DDR2 1066 MHz system memory offers sufficient expandability for all your needs. Dual X16 PCI-E 2.0 offer highest bandwidth for hardcore gaming. The uniquely abit engineered electrical design including next generation digital PWMs and 100% solid state capacitors warrant best power characteristics resulting in lower consumption, higher efficiency and extreme stability. The IX38 QuadGT Speedster: Quality Pure!

abit Introduces the IP35 Off Limits Series of Motherboards

May 21, 2007 – Universal abit today announced their newest Intel® P35 chipset based motherboard series for Core™2 Extreme/Quad/Duo processors, the IP35 Series. These motherboards have been specifically engineered for and around LGA775 multi-core CPUs with up to 1333 MHz FSB, and CPU support already includes upcoming and future 45 nm processors. The IP35 Pro, the flagship motherboard of this brand new series, is equipped with abit's powerful µGuru™ technology for extensive hardware monitoring and control. The extreme tuning and overclocking capabilities of this exclusively abit engineered microchip stands unsurpassed in the industry. With abit's µGuru™ you are back in the driver's seat again.

Universal abit Presents Fatal1ty F-I90HD Motherboard

Universal abit is revealing the next generation entertainment center for fast paced high definition lifestyles. Based on the ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 chipset with support for Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, and developed in cooperation with 12x computer gaming world champion Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, the Fatal1ty Performance F-I90HD motherboard is catering to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Digital Home without holding back on performance. The small Micro ATX form factor and integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics(X700-based) with HDMI 1.2 1080p HD video output are ideal for use in barebone and multimedia systems or at the next LAN party. For more information on the Fatal1ty Performance F-I90HD, click here.

Source: Universal abit

abit Introduces the AB9 QuadGT Motherboard

abit today announced their latest Intel P965 chipset based motherboard for Core 2 Quad/Duo processors, the abit AB9 QuadGT. This motherboard has been specifically engineered for and around LGA775 quad-core CPUs with up to 1066 MHz FSB. It is equipped with abit's powerful µGuru technology for extensive hardware monitoring and control. The extreme tuning and overclocking capabilities of this exclusively abit engineered microchip stands unsurpassed in the industry. With the New Year, abit also ushers in an entirely new generation of extreme computing.

Abit Intros PCI-E Wi-Fi card

abit is once more expanding their product portfolio. Responding to the ever growing demand for a digital home environment in which various devices are wirelessly interconnected and can communicate with one another, abit now introduces a unique Wi-Fi solution. The abit AirPace Wi-Fi card is the very first IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN device for universal use with PCI-E interfaces. Unlike proprietary solutions the abit AirPace Wi-Fi is highly flexible as it is compatible with ANY PCI-E socket.
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