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EverCool Rolls Out HPS 810CP CPU Cooler

EverCool rolled out the HPS 810CP top-flow CPU cooler. In what looks like a VGA cooler with CPU mounting, the HPS 810CP features a dense aluminium fin stack that's arranged along the plane of the motherboard, to which heat drawn directly from the CPU is conveyed by a pair of 6 mm thick copper heat pipes, and is ventilated by an 80 mm slim-profile fan that spins between 1,500 to 4,000 RPM, pushing up to 35 CFM of air, with a noise output ranging between 16.2 and 37.5 dBA. It takes input from a 4-pin PWM connector. EverCool recommends this cooler for CPUs with TDP rated at up to 95W. Measuring 87.5 x 92.3 x 27.4 mm, the cooler weighs 260 g. It supports most modern CPU socket types, including LGA1150, AM3+ (TDP up to 95W only), and FM2+.

Evercool Announces HPR 9225EA CPU Cooler

Evercool announced the HPR 9225EA entry-level tower-type CPU cooler. It uses a stack of 43 aluminium fins, to which heat is conveyed by two 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes, which make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The stack is ventilated by a 92 mm fan that spins at speeds up to 2,200 RPM, pushing 35.6 CFM of air, with 26.3 dBA noise output. Measuring 97 x 73 x 118 mm (WxDxH), the cooler weighs about 400 g. It supports most modern CPU socket types, with the exception of LGA2011. Among the socket types supported are LGA115x, LGA775, AM3+/AM3/AM2+, and FM2/FM1. The company did not give out pricing information.

Evercool Readies the Venti CPU Cooler

Taiwanese company Evercool will soon be rolling out a new CPU cooler, a model called Venti (aka HPQ-12025) which offers support for Intel LGA775/1366/1156/1155/2011and AMD AM2/AM2+/ AM3/FM1 processors. This tower-shaped cooler measures 125 x 68 x 160 mm and features four 6 mm direct touch copper heatpipes, aluminum fins, and a 120 mm EL Bearing fan that runs at 800 to 2200 RPM (a second 120 mm fan can also be installed).

Venti's price tag has not been revealed.

Evercool Unveils the Silent Shark CPU Cooler

EVERCOOL introduces a Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025), a new twin tower thermal radiator design uses latest exclusive Silent Shark Fan with six 6 mm-heat pipes. With demands for cooling efficiency, EVERCOOL brand new Silent Shark CPU cooler creates the ultimate cooling performance, combination of innovative technology shark fins design, specifications have better heat-distribution and outstanding silent sense. The twin tower like a giant provides adequate cooling.

Evercool SSF-12/Silent Fan setup

In order to achieve a perfect balance of performance and quietness, Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025) supports a premium quality dual fan setup consisting of one the latest EVERCOOL SSF-12 (120 mm) and one Silent Fan. With sawtooth-shaped vanes SSF-12 creates high air pressure to achieve great cooling performance. Shark gills-shaped wind guides generate outstanding vortex airflow, and reduce the internal air pressure to reduce the noise. The special fan design provides optimized airflow to enhance heat dissipation effect. Combining a massive six heatpipe dual radiator design with an exquisite SSF-12/ Silent Fan dual fan configuration, Silent Shark CPU cooler is an elite choice for the high demands in ultra quality quiet cooling.

EverCool Announces TC-200 Thermal Paste

EverCool announced the TC-200 thermal paste in Japan. Designed with high penetrability (relatively low viscosity), the paste is designed especially for chips with uneven surfaces (such as GPUs, motherboard chipset, and CPUs without integrated heatspreaders or IHS), although they'll do just fine with chips that have IHS. The paste features thermal conductivity of 3.8W / mK, thermal resistance of 0.017°C-in²/W, and can maintain its viscosity over a wide temperature range of -50°C to 150°C. It is initially solid in 200 g jars for use by OEMs or enthusiasts who want to stock up, which comes with an application spatula, although smaller packages can be expected in the future.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

EverCool Launches Silent Shark Fan Series

EverCool launched its newest line of performance case fans with the Silent Shark Fan series, the first member of which, is the SSF-12. The 120 mm SSF-12 uses seven blades with sawtooth-shaped vanes at the ends, which work to increase air-flow, and the shape of which is inspired by shark gills. The impeller is suspended on what EverCool refers to as "ever lubricated" (EL) bearing.

The SSF-12 is designed to spin at speeds ranging between 800 and 1400 RPM ±15%, with noise output ranging between 19 and 26 dBA. It uses a conventional 120 x 120 x 25 mm opaque black frame. The fan uses a conventional 3-pin connector to draw power, and includes a rotary speed control module that spins it between its advertised speed range. It also includes white rubber bolts as alternatives to metal screws, which absorb vibrations and minimize noise.

EVERCOOL Announces the YOHO Laptop Table

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd. the professional and well-known cooler and fan brand. More and more people place importance on storage. Nevertheless, people that search for furniture, do not only ask for more space to store their items, but also ask for easy to store furniture. To meet this demand, EVERCOOL have created "YOHO Laptop Table". This laptop table can be used with laptops of different sizes, and its retractable metal frame makes its legs easy to fold or extend.

In order to meet different users' demands, YOHO Laptop Table provides two types of tables: NT-111 and NT-112 models. The distinction between the two models is that NT-111 has one 8 cm fan to provide a silent and effective cooling for laptops. On the other hand, the NT-112 does not provide a fan, and it can only be used as a small table to place your laptop.

Evercool Coming Out with the White Knight Laptop Cooling Pad/Table

Taiwanese manufacturer Evercool has recently unveiled the White Knight, a new accessory that can be used as a laptop cooling pad or a laptop table, depending on the user's needs. The White Knight supports up to 17-inch notebooks and features a metal frame and metal feet that allow it to be expanded and set up as a table.

Evercool's 2-in-1 device weights 1.8 kg and comes equipped with a USB-powered 120 mm fan operating at 900 RPM (rotations per minute). No word yet on pricing.

Evercool Unveils Transformer S CPU Cooler

Evercool showed the first pictures of its Transformer S series CPU cooler. The Transformer S is a compact aluminum fin tower-type CPU cooler aimed at those just getting started with performance third-party cooling. It has Intel LGA 1366/1155/1156/775 (adjustable) push-pins pre-fitted, so installing it is as simple as installing the stock cooler, it also comes with a mounting kit for AMD sockets. Measuring 130 x 161 x 78.5 mm, the cooler weighs 630 g, so the cooler isn't quite "entry-level".

The Transformer S uses a high density aluminum fin stack to which heat is fed by two 8 mm copper heat pipes, that pass through the base, making direct contact with the CPU. It is ventilated by a 120 mm "Ever Lubricated" bearing fan that is PWM controlled, and spins between 800 and 2,200 RPM, with rated noise output under 35 dBA. Evercool didn't let out pricing details.
A promotional video follows after the break.

EverCool Announces Dr. Cool, World's First Router Cooler

Guess what it is. A crab? The tool for clip game? Or a small UFO? It is the new cooler launched by EVERCOOL, who is always driven by the coexistence of both cooling and aesthetics, but also emphasizing the usability. Dr. Cool is the World’s first specialized cooler for Routers and IP sharing devices with a unique design. It was conceived with three features in mind: branding, creative aesthetics and effective cooling. This last being where EVERCOOL pays special attention to, as well as taking into consideration user’s feedback. It has a white, delicate and compact appearance that makes it attractive to people’s eyes.

Dr. Cool provides a cooling solution to address overheating problems. Using one 8cm long-life fan it provides sufficient airflow to achieve silent cooling, effectively dissipating the heat. It also helps prevent damage caused by heat by long periods of operation and extend the router’s or IP sharing device’s life expectancy.

Evercool Intros Ever Green Fan 12 Plus

Evercool rolled out the Ever Green Fan 12 Plus. This 140 mm spinner that can fit into 120 mm fan-mount holes, jumps into the "green" bandwagon by being made of eco-friendly materials, and using technologies that reduce power-draw and noise. Wherever possible the Ever Green minimizes plastic content, by using a thin round frame compared to a thick square one. It uses a lime-green frame, with a darker-green 9-blade impeller. The motor uses an "Ever Lubricated" bearing, which steps up the rated life-span all the way up to 40,000 hours. The fan spins at 1200 ± 10% RPM, with less than 23 dBA of noise output. The frame has a silicone gasket on one side, that absorbs vibrations. Rubber bolts, instead of metal screws are provided, that further reduce vibration transfer. Evercool did not give out pricing of the Ever Green Fan 12 Plus.

Evercool Develops New Performance Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Evercool added a new low-profile CPU cooler to its lineup, the HPL815-EP. Although a little diminutive, measuring 106 x 95 x 45 mm, weighing 320 g, the cooler supports all popular sockets, including LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775, AM3/AM2+/AM2, including six-core Intel Core i7 980X, and AMD Phenom II X6 1090T. The design a CPU base in which four 8 mm thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU, conveying heat to a dense aluminum fin array that propagates along the plane of the motherboard, instead of perpendicular to it (like a common tower-type cooler). A 92 mm fan latches onto the heatsink using metal clips. The fan spins at 1,000~4,000 RPM. Evercool did not let out pricing details.

EverCool Updates Transformer 4 Cooler to Support LGA1156

EverCool updated the design of its Transformer 4 CPU cooler. The updated version supports LGA1156 socket, apart from its present LGA1366/LGA775/AM3. The Transformer 4 has a typical tower-type heatsink design, with a CPU base in which four 8 mm thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU, conveying heat to the aluminum fin array. Two 120 mm fans spinning at 800~2200 ±15% rpm circulate air through the heatsink. The price tag isn't announced, though we don't expect it to be much different from the existing price of around US $40.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Evercool Releases Cross Flow System Cooler to Market

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan brands in Taiwan. To be the solver to deal with the computer heat problem, EVERCOOL not only pays attention on computer cooling performance, but also keeps adding classic and aesthetic into product design to make the coolers have attractive appearance. In the end of 2009, EVERCOOL launched one cooler for system named “Cross Flow System Cooler”, which has a classic appearance.

Cross Flow System cooler is compatible with 5.25 Driver Bay. Its design is like a turbine to inhale outside air into case, and increases the air convection for effective heat dispersion. In addition, adjustable speed is a convenient design for users, they can adjust the wind speed by themselves, and the maximum of airflow is 100CFM. Moreover, the easy installation makes users install this cooler quickly and easily.

Evercool Announces Battle Hero Cooler for Gaming Notebooks

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., E-commerce is popular recently, not many gaming software companies continuously launch new and exciting games, but also EVERCOOL, the professional and famous computer cooler brand, is going to offer a new notebook cooling pad with "gaming style" named "BATTLE HERO". Its slogan is: "The best cooling weapon to fight back the heat". From functional points, it addresses the issue that gamers may use laptops for a long time and do not worry about heat and high temperatures if they have BATTLE HERO. And from the psychological point of view, BATTLE HERO will remain a trustful partner by your side and give support in the difficult moments.

Gaming style makes it eye-catching and unique. It easily comes to mind that the concepts of "fighting" and "gaming" constituted the vision design style of BATTLE HERO as it also implied by its name. Metallic gray, red and black integrate the artistic conception, and using popular gaming images invokes the sense of identity for gamers. Its' style is completely different to last year's release of Zodiac II and Hawk1. To strike at to fight translates to fighting back the heat and high temperatures. The gaming style is quite eye-catching and unique.

EVERCOOL Launches Set of New Notebook Coolers

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan brands in Taiwan. To design the creative cooling products to make users comfortably use computers or notebooks is the mission for each EVERCOOL developmental team member. Two NB coolers are launched- FIT and Zodiac II recently, they have been noticed by their individual appearances.

FIT is the NB cooler to draw out the heat from laptop that is quite different from the general NB cooling pad on the current market; in addition, it not only gets patent certification in several countries, such as Taiwan and China, but also gains the 18th “Taiwan Excellence 2010” award. FIT is put outside the wind outlet of notebook to draw out the inside heat and lower the temperature and keep the stable operation for NB. Moreover, its adjustable angles can meet different heights of wind outlet for different brand notebook, and its great compatibility is from 9”~18” laptops. Small and light are its most unique points so that FIT is extremely easy to carry.

Evercool Intros Armor Hard Drive Cooler

PC cooling products specialist Evercool introduced its Armor case-mounted HDD cooler. The cooler acts as a drive-cage, converting 5.25" drive bays into 3.5" bays, and directs air onto three 3.5" hard drives, while occupying two 5.25" bays. It comes with a metal front bezel with perforated metal for the intake. Bezel colors include black and silver. Internally, the drive cage is made entirely of steel. Air is blown onto the drives by a 2 ball-bearing 80mm fan running at 1200 RPM. The perforated front air intake is detachable without dissembling the cage, it lets you clean the dust-filter and the fan. Its pricing and availability are not known.

Source: VR-Zone

Evercool Intros Armor HDD Cooler

Evercool unveiled its newest hard drive cooler, the Armor HDD Cooling Box. The cooler serves as a sub-enclosure for 3.5 inch hard drives, and fits into two 5.25 inch drive bays. The 2U design allows users to stack up three 3.5 inch drives which are actively cooled by the air-flow of an 80 mm fan that pulls in fresh air from the outside, passed through dust-filters, which are removable and can be cleaned. The fan spins at 1200 rpm, with a noise level of less than 26 dBA. The body is made of coated iron and plastic. It is also available in silver colour. The company is yet to commence shipping of the Armor HDD Cooling Box.
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