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PQI Unveils My Lockey with Windows Hello Certified Fingerprint Reader

A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink group today announces My Lockey has acquired world's first Microsoft Windows Hello Biometric Fingerprint ID certification, providing a simple way to access and yet sophisticated data security. Available in mid-February, customers without biometric ID hardware can also enjoy having an intelligent gold-key.

After 2017 CES, the CEO of Global Operations at PQI, Spencer Chiu is more confident than ever and states "PQI have been eyeing the biometric market, and plans to be ahead of other competitors. At 2017 CES, PQI My Lockey attracted attention and the number of people showing interests were higher than expected . It simply refused to bow down to smartphones, AR or VR products at the show.

PQI Announces iConnect mini Flash Drive

PQI, the world's leading brand of peripheral storage accessories for portable devices, announces the availability of the revolutionary iConnect Mini Lightning flash drive for Apple devices. The iConnect mini features an incredibly large storage space for its small size and is very accessible with its main features available via a single button press. The iConnect mini will be available to buy soon on Amazon.

The iConnect Mini measures at an astoundingly small size of only 44.6mm x 12.6mm x 8mm, (approx. 1 ½" x ½" x ¼"), or roughly equivalent to the size of an average person's thumb. Yet, the iConnect Mini still offers storage capacity up to 128GB, which is made possible through PQI's exclusive COB 3.0 technology.

PQI Announces the U605L Flash Drive

Foxlink PQI, the world's leading mobile peripheral storage media brand, has introduced the U605L Flash Drive globally, to allow consumers to enjoy the final days of a wonderful summer and experience the joy and beauty of summertime in all its splendor. The globally launched U605L Flash Drive was designed with the concept of "Exploring the World in a Boat" in mind, presenting a classic style of ocean and sea.

The PQI U605L is small, lightweight, and extremely easy to carry around. It will easily fit in with your individual style and taste, and is the best accessory for your laptop computer. Although summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching, the PQI U605L will make you feel like you are still on the beach being caressed by the summer breeze.

PQI Debuts Portable Storage Drive with Integrated Apple Lightning Connector

Power Quotient International Co., Ltd (PQI), the world's leading brand for mobile device storage peripherals, today released its first Apple MFi-certified Lightning Duo USB portable storage drive, the Gmobi iStick. The Gmobi iStick is the only OTG storage device on the market designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is also the first licensed and quality assured storage peripheral to have passed Apple's rigorous testing standards and user-oriented design requirements.

The Gmobi iStick is the perfect solution to insufficient built-in storage capacity on Apple mobile devices. The Gmobi iStick is equipped with a user-friendly slide switch design: one end is the Lightning interface that allows you to upload or backup data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and the other end is a standard USB transmission interface that can be connected to a Mac, PC, or tablet computer. Two-way data transfers between mobile devices and notebook computers can be easily achieved with the Gmobi iStick, including various media such as photos, music, and video. With the Gmobi iStick, backing up data is easy and fast.

PQI Rolls Out Air Bank Portable NAS and AP

PQI's newest creation combines the functionality of a USB portable hard drive with a battery-powered NAS server supporting both 802.11n WLAN and Ethernet; and an AP (access point), that relays your wired Internet connection to multiple WiFi-enabled devices. The Air Bank 6W31 line of devices ship in black and white body panel color options, and storage capacities of 500 GB and 1 TB. Measuring 77 x 135 20.5 mm (WxDxH), the devices weigh around 250 g, which makes them as big and heavy as most wireless hard drives. They use lithium polymer batteries that can keep them going for 5 hours on a full charge. Slated for March 22, with availability beginning in Japan, the 500 GB model is priced at 15,800¥ (US $165), and the 1 TB model at 19,800¥ ($206).

PQI Unveils Several New Products for the First Time at the 2013 CES

Ringing in the New Year, 2013 will welcome the world's most watched Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to Las Vegas, USA from January 8 to 11. As a manufacturer that always earns well-deserved attention from the market, PQI has set up a spacious and stand-alone exhibition space on display at the Mirage Hotel Suite.

PQI is set to unveil five of its newest product lines: PQI Storage, PQI Air, PQI Mobility, PQI Power, and PQI Audio. With the exhibition theme of "Smart - My Mobile Life", PQI will reveal its latest trend-setting products that will recreate a new wave of technology!

PQI Intros U822V Speedy USB3.0 Flash Drive

Following the launch of what it claimed to be the smallest USB 3.0 flash drive, the U819V, PQI announced another super-compact model, the U822V Speedy. A successor of the U822V, launched back in May, the U822V Speedy features higher transfer speeds of 88 MB/s reads with 66 MB/s writes. It retains the same rotary cap design as its predecessor. The U822V Speedy also features an improved PQI-patented COB USB 3.0 connector, which improves compatibility between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0/1.1 standards. Measuring 14.0x 32.5 x 8.6 mm, the drive weighs about 7 g. The drive is available in two new color schemes, light-red and panther-black. It is available in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB capacities.

PQI Announces the PQI Air Card Wi-Fi Memory Card with Flexible Capacity

PQI simultaneously announced and globally launched the Air Card Wi-Fi Memory Card today. The PQI Air Card represents the next in wireless revolution that incorporates the latest Wi-Fi technology into a traditional memory card. The Air Card enables "instant sharing" anytime and anywhere without the need for annoying wires or a PC card reader. In a few simple steps, files can be immediately shared with an unprecedented convenience unseen in previous technology.

PQI recognizes that everyone is a world traveler. Following technological advancement, there is an increasing desire to share our everyday lives with friends and family through photo and video journals over the Internet. When combining the PQI Air Card with the latest digital cameras (DSC/DSLR), you can instantly upload files to your preferred cloud storage service.

PQI Introduces Mirrored Stainless Steel USB 3.0 Intelligent Drive U821V

Power Quotient International (PQI) is always ahead of the market trend, this time presenting its latest, innovative new product, the USB 3.0 Intelligent Drive U821V traveling disk. It comes in a tasteful design with a modern and stylish look and features various vintage editions that will become popular collector's items.

The Intelligent Drive U821V is a unique "zero-step" storage device that can simply be inserted and ready for use without having to first remove a cap or push out a retractable USB head. As if this unconventional zero-step design is not enough, the U821V traveling disk sports a utilitarian, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel surface. The PQI Intelligent Drive's hard, smooth exterior also has a beautiful, mirrored, silvery sheen and a special LED at the end that flashes blue when data is being read. PQI outdid itself again designing this user-friendly traveling flash drive.

PQI Releases All-New U280L Traveling Disk

Power Quotient International (PQI) has just announced the launch of its all-new U280L USB Traveling Disk today. The device's small and compact design was inspired by computer keyboards and, at a mere 0.68 cm thick, is roughly the same size as a single key. When plugged into an Ultrabook, Notebook, or Tablet PC, it remains firmly attached and takes up almost no extra space. This streamlined design eliminates cluttering issues common among other bulky flash drives. In addition, its compact low-profile makes it a durable and resilient partner, ensuring that data remains safe and secure wherever the user takes it.

The PQI U280L features a special sandblasted plastic exterior that is both sturdy and attractive. The casing is reminiscent of morning mist, and comes in two colors: aurora white and storm black. In addition, a glowing red LED indicator at the end of the drive flashes during data transfers to clearly signal the device's operation status. The U280L also comes with a free multipurpose chain which enables the device to be conveniently carried around as a stylish charm by attaching it to other personal items such as mobile phones, cameras, backpacks, and more.

Unlimited Sharing on the Cloud: Introducing the PQI Air Drive!

Power Quotient International (PQI), a member of the Foxlink Group, successfully unveiled the Wi-Fi enabled PQI Air Drive during the 2012 International CES to much fanfare. The product was well-received and widely praised, and is officially available for purchase in countries around the world beginning today.

The PQI Air Drive is rooted in the concept of sharing and emphasizes a patented small, lightweight circuit design and the incorporation of the latest Wi-Fi technology. It offers a solution for users of smart phones, tablets, and other handheld devices who often run into the problem of limited memory expansion when the built-in memory becomes inadequate.

PQI Reveals the i817L Capless Flash Drives

Taiwanese company PQI (Power Quotient International) has this week announced a new flash drive, the compact and sleek i817L which features a capless design with a little twist. The twist is the spring-like mechanism which pulls the USB connector inside the drive's casing as soon as the device is disconnected from a PC or Mac.

The i817L makes use of chip-on-board (COB) technology so it's also waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to (most) shocks. This drive measures 48.63 (L) x 13.4 (W) x 5.6 (H) mm, has a USB 2.0 interface, is backed by a three-year warranty, and comes in three colors (spray white, ocean blue, coral pink) and four capacities (4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB). Unfortunately PQI didn't announce any prices.

PQI Announces H567L/V USB 3.0 Portable HDDs with Upto 1 TB Capacity

A Capacity breakthrough, Power Quotient International (PQI), a global top 10 flash memory brand, unveiled its 2.5" portable hard disk drive H567L/V at the beginning of this year. The launch caused a sensation in the market, and has generated much favorable attention.

In mid-2011, in response to high consumer demand, PQI has optimized the capacity specifications of its disk drives, H567L and H567V, which support USB2.0 and USB3.0 transfer interfaces respectively, by raising their capacity to 1TB. The new storage option satisfies the need of users for higher storage capacity for unhindered storage of images, high resolution videos and confidential documents.

PQI Re-Releases USB 3.0 Traveling Disk U281V

PQI, the world's first major manufacturer to release a full USB 3.0 personal storage device product, recently unveiled the Traveling Disk U281V, featuring a USB 3.0 interface. With sharply defined, three-dimensional sections, the exterior's smart, simple lines carve out a profoundly refined sense of quality with special use of ultrasonic construction to create a meticulously particular cover and a bright, polished surface with a smooth and level tactile feeling.

The end conceals a pendant loop design that can be used with the free customized hanging accessory featuring an ingenious transparent square shape that uses a soft, flexible rubber material. In addition to being a mobile phone accessory, it also adds distinctive creativity when hung from the end of the USB frame. While using the Traveling Disk U281V, the transparent rubber accessory can be inserted into the removed cap, giving it a handy secure-cap design along with its understated yet fully abundant characteristics.

PQI Releases the Smallest USB 3.0 Flash Drive

PQI leads the industry with its exclusive release of the world's smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk. The Intelligent Drive U819V is the solution to bulky traveling disks and thick USB 3.0 transfer interfaces. PQI applied COB encasement technology to USB 3.0 interface and overcame the transmission overheating problem after continuous research and improvements. At the same time, PQI solved the data reading problem caused by high-frequency noise while creating the lightest, thinnest, shortest, and smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk. The 3 centimeter disk delivers high performance and allows users to experience high speed transmission like never before.

PQI's Intelligent Drive U819V traveling disk has a sleek and simple look featuring clean lines and smoothly curving trim, creating a seamless, unitary exterior. The disk's glossy exterior coating in ivory white and midnight black gives off a beautiful, glittering silvery radiance. Additionally, there is a special LED display at the tip that flickers when data is being read. Furthermore, with user experience in mind, PQI has come up with a cap retention design. The complimentary, square shaped, transparent soft rubber not only serves as a cell phone ornament but also attaches to the end of the disk. When the cap is removed from the Intelligent Drive U819V, it can be inserted into the transparent rubber. This exclusive cap retention design is unusual, funny, and charming.

PQI Unveils the S725 Ninja Flash Card Reader

PQI is aimed for those who care about operating simplicity and can't stand inconvenience by creating a tailor-made design for consumers on a budget by announcing the arrival of the S725 Ninja Flash Card Reader. This model features a slim, flowing exterior shape accompanied by a unique structural design. The front-end serves as the USB transfer interface, and when the micro SDHC/SD memory card is inserted in the back-end slot, it can provide a normal card reader data transmission functional. Also, its unique back-end secure-cap design completely protects the memory card and its great looking exterior while simultaneously resolving the problem of easily misplacing your memory card.

What's more, the S725 can also be used as a travel disk for storing data. With its agile 360° swiveling action, it offers a secure-cap design alongside dual functionality. With a built-in strap, it can also be used as a mobile phone ornament or hung from a bag as an accessory. Light and portable, it offers exactly what is needed- simplicity and convenience. The S725 and micro SDHC/SD card are sold as a package, so the price and user-friendly perks can be enjoyed in just a single purchase. This new product comes cloaked in a staid, understated black and a shape giving off an air of lightness and mobility. This little Ninja has the features and neat form to differentiate it from the competition both in functionality and user friendliness.

PQI Releases the SDXC Class 10 Ultra High Spec Memory Card

PQI, an industry leader with one of the top ten brands of flash memory cards in the world, has just released the all-new SDXC Class 10 memory card. With its large storage capacity and high transfer speeds, the SDXC Class 10 answers the call of current market requirements for higher resolutions by providing the capability to support large volumes of high resolution video, images, and music file storage. The PQI SDXC Class 10 memory card smashes SDHC's former high capacity limit of 32GB by doubling capacity to 64GB and upgrading the Class 10 SD 2.0 interface to high speed SD 3.0 specifications in one fell swoop. These advances yield even more outstanding transfer speed performance, and with the exFAT file system format, it can easily reproduce the file interoperability of desktop computers and portable media devices using other operating systems. PQI's latest product delivers the perfect combination of capacity, speed, and compatibility to easily satisfy the high demands of Full HD digital video recorders, high-end, ultra-high resolution single lens cameras, HDTV, Blu-ray disc players, mobile phones, car-based GPS systems, and other specialized entertainment applications.

PQI Unveils the USB 3.0 Cool Drive U339V Ultra Light Flash Drive

According to market research, systems which support USB 3.0 and desktop peripherals, thanks to their gradual increases in popularity, are expected to become the new mainstream transfer interface by next year and quickly replace USB 2.0. In light of the growth potential within this market, PQI has followed up the recent release of its highly praised USB 3.0 Traveling Disk-the Cool Drive U368-by unveiling the USB 3.0 Cool Drive U339V Traveling Disk, the lightest drive of its kind available on the market today. In addition to showing off its product development capabilities and design prowess to the marketplace once again, this is also a reflection of PQI's continuous commitment to meeting user needs. The latest model features a high transfer speed USB 3.0 interface, backward compatibility with USB 2.0, and even more power efficiency. A single chip manufacturing process enables the exterior to be slim and graceful and, at only 13g, it is the lightest device of its kind in the industry.

PQI Announces Lineup of DDR3 Registered/ECC Server Memory Modules

Power Quotient International (PQI) has released a series of DDR3 server memory modules in response to the advent of cloud computing. DDR3 Registered/ECC server memory modules are powerful additions to PQI's Power Memory product range and symbolize the technical strength and product integrity of PQI memory modules for enterprise applications. DDR3 Registered/ECC server memory modules continuously undergo complete, complex, and rigorous integrity tests to provide both stable and compatible memory solutions that increase performance and ensure the stability of servers and workstations under year-round, high-speed data processing conditions.

DDR3 Registered/ECC server memory modules consist of carefully selected, originally manufactured DRAM IC's paired with PLL (Phase-Lock Loop) chips made by a well-known manufacturer, as well as high specification PCB's, in order to achieve PQI's main objective: high quality. In particular, the DDR3 1333's 32GB/s (tri-channel mode) transmission bandwidth server memory module is capable of meeting the most demanding server environments and enhancing the overall performance of high-end computing systems.

PQI Intros CoolDrive U368 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Power Quotient International (PQI) released its newest USB flash-drive, the CoolDrive U368. Among a small, growing group, the U368 is USB 3.0 SuperSpeed compliant, and offers transfer-rates on par with hard drives, with access times comparable to those of SSDs. Its casing is typically-shaped, measuring 90.1 x 22 x 11.1 mm, and weighing 25 g. When connected using USB 3.0, the drive offers transfer speeds of around 105 MB/s, which can be improved with the bundled TurboFlash USB software. It is available in capacities ranging from 8 GB, all the way up to 128 GB. It is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0, albeit with lower transfer-rates. Pricing and availability are yet to be known.

PQI Releases 2.5 inch USB 3.0 HDD

PQI's USB3.0 2.5" portable hard drive H566 has been officially released and it is the world's first USB3.0 2.5" portable hard drive to the market. Since H566 began mass production last week, it has already resulted in a volume of inquiries from domestic and international buyers, making it the first USB3.0 device with significant sales volume. PQI's H566 not only has spectacular bandwidth provided by USB3.0, but its 2.5" hard drive dimensions make it convenient to carry and has aesthetically pleasing looks, making it the new IT toy you just have to have!

PQI Announces 2.5-inch H560 Ultra Shock-Proof Portable HDD

Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) announced a new 2.5" portable hard drive, the H560. Breaking traditional rectangular plastic / metallic looks, PQI H560 utilizes special rubber material and unique internal shock-absorption suspension technology; it provides the hard drive with the ultra protection. H560 has endured US military grade drop test, MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV (transit drop test), proving its durability and sturdiness. PQI H560 has a 2.5 inch SATA interface hard drive, compatible with USB2.0 specifications and is backwards compatible with USB 1.1.

PQI H560 comes with a convenient design where the USB cable is attached and can be stored as one with the drive. It saves the user from always having to bring a USB cable with the drive to establish connection.

A-Data Introduces Intel X25-M SSDs

A-Data Memory introduced its first line of solid-state drives (SSDs). The company co-branded the X25-M series SSD originally manufactured by Intel. Information of the partnership between the two companies surfaced in February, early this year. A similar deal was also reportedly struck between Intel and Power Quotient International (PQI).

The A-Data X25-M SSD comes in capacities of 80 GB and 160 GB. Featuring the SATA II interface, the drive supports advanced SATA features such as Native Command Queuing (NCQ) with 32 concurrent operations. The drive uses multi-level cell NAND flash chips built on the 50 nm manufacturing process. The read/write speeds on this drive are commonly known to be 250/70 MBps.

PQI Announces DDR3-1066 and DDR3-1333 Tri-Channel Memory Kits

Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) officially announces the release of DDR3 tri-channel memory kits. Compatible with current Intel X58 chipset's coupled with Intel i7 series CPU, the tri-channel technology provides significant memory bandwidth improvements over dual channel mode. It provides the ultimate performance for enthusiasts wanting the very best system performance every time they turn on their computers.

Due to software programming complexity and hardware requirements, the increased bandwidth and memory capacity definitely plays a major role in ones PC performance. Using specially picked DRAM modules in 128M*8 configuration combined with stringent testing methodology, its full compatibility and performance is ensured. PQI's DDR3 tri-channel kit offer users extra memory capacity and greater bandwidth compared to DDR2 modules.

A-Data and PQI Joining SSD Co-Branding Alliance With Intel

A-Data and Power Quotient International (PQI) are contemplating a co-branding alliance with Intel, that lets them market Intel-made solid state drives (SSDs) with their own branding and end-user support policies. When implemented, the two companies will join Kingston memory in a league of companies selling Intel-made SSDs. Kingston released its SSDs in January 2009, as the first of its kind partnership with the silicon giant.

Sources tell DigiTimes that while A-Data will release co-branded SSDs shortly, PQI's SSDs will release later this month. PQI says that it will execute two marketing strategies for its SSD lineup. On the one hand, it plans to market Intel co-branded SSDs, on the other, an alliance with CoreSolid Storage will facilitate sourcing NAND flash controllers for a line of SSDs built for the white-box netbook market in China. The company seems to be already cooperating with 3~4 such netbook manufacturers.
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