Tuesday, February 7th 2017

Rosewill Debuts the RK-9300 Mechanical Keyboard

Adding to its mechanical keyboard line-up, Rosewill has just announced availability of the RK-9300 Mechanical Keyboard, which sports two choices of Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches to sate your particular tastes. The RK-9300 has a more subdued look than most other recent mechanical keyboards we've seen, and sheds full RGB lighting for a more professional look, as well as additional cost-savings for the customer. However, that isn't to say it doesn't sport some sort of lighting: it features blue LEDs, with three lighting modes available (full keyboard, with a breathing mode and four variable levels of brightness; numerical pad only; WASD and arrow keys only).

The keyboard features an all-black design, with an aluminum top panel that extends out and down at a slight angle. The upper right side of the keyboard features the usual notification lights, and the F keys double as media and volume controls, including brightness, Windows lock, and more. It also features n-key rollover, though there is no macro support (and no accompanying software). The two versions of the RK-9300 list for $99, but both are available for $85 on Amazon (Blue switches and Brown switches) and Newegg (Blue switches and Brown switches).
Source: Tom's Hardware
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I have their old RGB80. Physically, it's been pretty great. Only qualm I have with it is the software and the unfulfilled promises of updating the RGB lighting software to something that's usable (you can either have a working Windows key and pink backlighting or no Windows key and any RGB color you'd like, which I hear they promised to fix).
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They should go with a more subtle logo, maybe engraved or smth like that. Other than that looks good.
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