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Tranquil PC Next-Generation NUC Cases Now Available

Experience the 'Next Unit of Computing' with the power of Haswell and a Tranquil PC passive enclosure. Silent, svelte and now compatible with the 4th Generation Haswell Processors, the all new Tranquil PC NUC case is a brilliant opportunity for the discerning buyer to build their own small form factor PC, capable to support a wide range of purposes, the new NUC packs quite a punch for it's size.

Tranquil PC Outs Haswell NUC-Compatible Cases

Tranquil PC is refreshing its compact fan-less case lineup with one that supports the second-generation NUC (next unit of computing) platform, based on Intel's Core "Haswell" processors. Pictured below, the all-aluminium cases are fanless, and rely on the body of the case to dissipate heat from the CPU and PCH, all while measuring 110 x 164 x 47 mm. The case supports Intel's D54250WYB NUC system board, featuring Core i5-4250U dual-core processor, and cutouts for its various connectors, including WLAN jack, DC power-input, mini-DisplayPort, dual PCIe mini-card connectors, mini-HDMI 1.4a, gigabit Ethernet, CIR, four USB ports, and audio jacks. Tranquil PC promises 12 to 25 percent lower temperatures than Intel's air-cooled case. Available now, the case is priced at £99.

Source: FanlessTech

Tranquil PC Outs Cases for Intel NUC

British silent PC maker Tranquil PC released passive-cooled all-aluminum cases for Intel's NUC (next unit of computing) form-factor, the NUC-BY (for Intel D33217CK board) and NUC-YE (for Intel D33217GKE). Both models measure 110 x 164 x 47 mm each, their bodies are ridged to double up as heatsinks for the CPU, PCH, and other hot components on the system board. The company claims the aerospace-grade aluminum used keeps the CPU 5 to 15 °C cooler than even the reference fan-cooled case. Both cases are priced at £99.00 ($156).

Source: FanlessTech

Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper Pictured

Skinny Ripper, from the house of British ultra-quiet PC maker Tranquil, is designed to be a music archiving server. In its ultra-slim form-factor, the server is configured to be able to work head-less. It features a slot-in optical drive, and a 1 TB internal hard drive (expandable), and runs an embedded version of Fedora Linux. Insert a CD, and it will automatically fetch tag info from the internet, and rip the music to a format of your choice. It can then also stream the music using the Subsonic streamer application. For a nearly single-function device, the Tranquil Skinny Ripper costs £665.83 ($1,051), more of a jewel for your living-room.

Tranquil PC MMC-12 Starts Selling

Unveiled last month, Tranquil PC's ultra-slim MMC-12 media center PC started selling, with an introductory price of £649.00 (about US $1007), its original price will be £749. Measuring 395 (w) x 225 (d) x 40 (h) mm, the MMC-12 is about as big as a consumer Blu-ray/DVD player, and relies entirely on its heatsink-fitted aluminum chassis to passively cool the processor and chipset. The base model is driven by an Intel Core i3-2100T dual-core processor, with 4 GB dual-channel DDR3 memory, 80 GB OS and programs mSATA storage, Internal MCE IR RX and MCE, and Windows 7 Home operating system.

The main unit has an empty 2.5-inch HDD bay, and a slot-in DVD-writer drive, other optical disc formats could probably be opted for. The system has a rated power consumption of 19W (about as much as a consumer DVD/BD player), and uses an external power brick. The drive relies on external storage to hold your media library. It has one eSATA 3 Gb/s port, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and gigabit Ethernet connection to help it do that.

Source: The Verge

Tranquil Unveils MMC-12 Media Center PC

British PC maker and specialist with "small and silent PCs", Tranquil, unveiled its latest MMC-12 media center PC that will give your home video player (DVD/Blu-ray player) a run for its money, for in its 1.5-inch tall form-factor, it packs a throbbing Intel Core i3/i5/i7 "Sandy Bridge" processor (buyer chooses model). Its body is milled out of blocks of metal with a satin-textured matte finish. It has a minimalist front-panel with a slot-in optical drive, DVD or Blu-ray (again, buyer chooses). Tranquil didn't give out much more information about the MMC-12. Its previous media center PCs earned quite some praise for their acoustics.

Source: The Verge
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