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CeBIT 2007: Coolermaster Review

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Coolermaster is showing off all of their cases from 2006 as well as a few new ones. They have a large big tower case with a mirror finish front door. It is made of steel and looks incredibly sturdy. The inside can house a few 12 cm fans on the side bar, while the hard drives are placed inside separate drawers. The 5.25 drives can be secured with the push of a button. The sides of the case have sound absorbing materials, to further reduce the noise level.

There are four new mid tower cases for the Elite series on display. All have a black/silver paint job and look very nice. The last one does not yet have a name, but Coolermaster may sell this as a Centurion case.

Their notebook cooling pad line-up is getting a new addition. The NotePal Infinity actually circulates air in an infinity shaped fashion, thus the name. Another, smaller notebook cooler is called NotePal P1 and has been available for some time. This one is a portable variant. The third one is called the NotePal S. It does not come with a fan, but vents to let air pass through. This one can be raised to give the user a more natural angle to the notebook.

Their HDD enclosure line-up gets a little refresh with the X-Craft 360 and the X-Craft 250. We reviewed the original X-Craft here).

Coolermaster also has a keyboard at their booth. It has not yet been finalized, if these will be sold under the Coolermaster brand or not.
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