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EVGA SuperNOVA GS 650 W Review

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We would like to thank EVGA for supplying the review sample.

While EVGA keeps very strong ties with Super Flower, they are now also cooperating with SF's main competitor Seasonic. These two manufacturers are among the best, and their platforms more often than not leave the competition in the dust. If you are wondering why EVGA struck relations with both OEMs, the explanation is simple: They most likely didn't want to rely on one manufacturer to the exclusion of anyone else, which makes sense. The most educated on PSU matters probably know that EVGA's G2, P2, and T2 lines are by Super Flower, while the GS line consists of nothing but Seasonic-made units. EVGA recently chose to hit the low-mid capacity regions hard by adding corresponding offers to their portfolio. The newer additions to the GS family are the 550 W and 650 W members that utilize a new Seasonic platform we haven't come across so far, a modified platform of the one Seasonic uses in their budget G series line.

The SuperNOVA 650 GS will be on our test bench today. The unit is 80 PLUS Gold certified, utilizes a fully modular cabling design, and has an optional semi-passive operation, which, once engaged, makes the unit nearly inaudible at light and low-mid loads under normal operating temperatures. This PSU also has four PCIe connectors and two EPS connectors that can be used at the same time. This means that it has more than enough connectors to easily deliver its full capacity when supporting a pretty strong gaming system. The new 550 W and 650 W GS units will apparently face the strongest competition from EVGA's own G2 line the company recently added similarly priced units with the same capacities to.
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