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Fractal Design Kelvin S24 Review

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From the Fractal Design website:
The Path to Reaching Our Goals:

To attain our goal of providing functional, efficient and sleek Scandinavian designed products for our customers, we apply extreme focus, research and passion each step of the way. Taking pride and extra care from the brainstorming phase through to the planning, design and production phase, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable and quality designs.

The Concept - Design:

The concept of Fractal Design is to provide products with an extraordinary level of design, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing. Today's computer has evolved into playing a central role in most homes, creating a demand for appealing design of the computer itself and its accessories. Our main product areas are computer enclosures, power supplies and related accessories.

Designed and Engineered in Sweden:

All Fractal Design products have been carefully designed and tested in our Swedish headquarters. The well-known elements of Scandinavian design can be found throughout all of our product lines; a minimalistic, elegant and simple design, embracing the motto of 'less is more'.

Fractal Design has been around for a few years now, and their claim to fame are their Define cases. Offering sleek looks and sound-dampening along with exceptional build quality, it didn't take long for the Define XL and Define R2 to gain a sizable following. It also didn't take long for Fractal Design to listen to customer feedback to improve on these popular designs, which resulted in the Define R3, R4, and, now, the R5. Given their constant strive to innovate and improve on existing products, it's easy to see why they have have become so popular.

Not content with just cases, Fractal Design has branched out into various other market segments. Not only do they offer top-notch cases, they now sell fans, power supplies, and even all-in-one liquid coolers. A company will usually play it safe when it comes time to expanding into new markets, but Fractal has gone all out with their new Kelvin series of liquid-CPU coolers. Their strategic partnership with Alphacool for the Kelvin series of all-in-one liquid coolers certainly sets these coolers apart from more typical closed-looped coolers available today.

In today's review, I take a look at the Fractal Design Kelvin S24, which, while not their top-tier product for the line, will most likely be the most popular. It features an all-copper 240 mm radiator with an all-cooper block and the Alphacool DC-LT pump. The fact that the unit features a copper design instead of one out of copper and aluminum should allow it to dissipate more heat, but let's take a look at the unit's specifications before anyone goes drooling over it.

MODEL:Kelvin S24
SOCKET SUPPORT:Intel: LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA2011,
AMD: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+
CPU BLOCK:Material: Copper
PUMP:Model: Alphacool DC-LT
Speed: 2400 RPM
RADIATOR:Dimensions: 275 mm x 124 mm x 30 mm
Material: Copper
FANS:Model: Fractal Design Silent Series HP 120 mm
Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 800 - 1700 RPM (PWM)
Fan Airflow: 62.4 CFM (Max)
Fan Noise: 26.9 dBA
FEATURES:All fittings are G 1/4"
Expandable and Customizable
High pressure pump
11 mm outer and 8 mm inner diameter tubing
Tubing features anti-kink coils
Dedicated fill port
WARRANTY:Two years
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