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SilentiumPC Aquarius X90 Pure Black Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The SilentiumPC Aquarius has an MSRP of 87,90 US dollars excl. taxes / €79 incl. taxes.
  • Very affordable!
  • Includes four fans right out of the box
  • Can hold up to three radiators
  • Two SSD mounts on motherboard backside
  • Six USB ports
  • 3.5" external drive-bay adapter included
  • Fan PCB for reduced cable mess included
  • Loads of space for cable management
  • Simple but effective assembly
  • Enough space for high-end GPUs in combination with thick radiators
  • Storage capability may be expanded upon for just a few bucks—for up to eight drives
  • Windowed side panel available at a reasonable price
  • Clean looks
  • Dust filters removable for cleaning
  • Dust filters do not hold in place well
  • Optional HD bracket may get in the way of the front HDD cage if filled with four drives
  • Limited availability
Alright, first off, let me run this by you—less than 80 euros, four fans included, six USB ports, can handle all the water-cooling you can throw at it, and offers cheap expandability if need be. That sounds too good to be true? Well, not anymore. The SilentiumPC X90 is not just a sexy case in the eyes of this editor, with its clean and sleek looks. It is also a very potent chassis which may not try to re-invent the wheel, but combines a feature set that rivals those of the big players at a much lower price. It is no secret that the Aquarius X90 is geared toward the liquid-cooling user, as its name already implies, but even air-cooling fans should find this chassis quite interesting as it ships with four fans right out of the box, and hardly any cases nowadays offers six USB ports. Sure, most won't need it, but those who do will love the X90 for it. Sure, the build quality is not as great as with some of the bigger names out there, but it is good enough to take on anyone in the same price category. Any way you look at the Aquarius X90, it is sleek, it is sexy, it has a great feature set, and it clocks in at less than 100 US dollars, which makes it easy to look past some small issues when securing its dust filters.
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