Monday, October 5th 2009

MSI Announces GT740 Extreme Performance Notebook

The internationally-renowned championship gaming team Fnatic.MSI has traversed the globe competing and winning competitions with a dominant weapon-MSI G Series notebooks. The newest fully-evolved G series extreme gaming notebook, the GT740, is the latest in the series to feature the newest Intel Calpella platform, the advanced Intel Core i7 quad core processor as well as Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 7. With a 17" cinema grade display, the nVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 3D discrete graphics card (DDR3 1GB VRAM) and 5 Hi-Fi speakers with authentic SRS Premium Sound, gaming, watching video, and listening to music are all exciting and true-to-life experiences.

The GT740 runs on Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system and uses the latest-generation Intel Core i7 processor. The high grade nVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 3D discrete graphics card (DDR3 1 GB VRAM), and the GT740's outstanding software specifications provide gamers with highly efficient operations and the world's strongest gaming notebook computer.
Through a complete hardware evolution, the GT740 offers Intel's advanced Intel Hyper-Threading technology, which gives its quad core processor the ultimate in processing power. When used in conjunction with Turbo Boost technology, flexible distribution of system resources in concert with the Windows 7 operating system deliver smooth execution and efficiency. With a simple user interface and the nVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 3D discrete graphics card's high performance video processing capabilities, this notebook is the ultimate representative of high-speed performance and a specialized, must-have weapon for gamers!
Ground Shaking Audio/Video Experience
The GT740 features a 17" cinema display along with a new generation of hardware and software. The keyboard area and frame each features 2 Hi-Fi 3D speakers and a lower-unit mounted bass speaker. All together, this total 5 speaker Hi-Fi set up is designed to provide ultimate performance in audio and video applications and allow gamers enjoy a ground shaking experience.

The GT740's 5 high performance Hi-Fi speakers incorporate SRS Premium Sound™ quality. Built-in 7.1 channel outputs and the nVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 3D discrete graphics card's 1GB VRAM, matched with MSI's exclusive Cinema Pro and Vivid Image Enhancement technologies, deliver a perfectly integrated hardware solution for crisp, detailed images, vivid colors, and ground shaking audio. What's more, the built-in HDMI interface renders the GT740 into a gaming platform and a digital audio/video center with outstanding functionality.

Fiery Gaming Aesthetics
The ultra-thin aluminum alloy frame with brushed metal accents allows the 17" GT740 to weigh in at a mere 3.2 kg including battery. Fiery red frame accents contrast the cold feeling of the notebook's technological interface and give the MSI G Series notebooks the feeling of movement while standing still—an appearance that defines gaming aesthetics.
The GT740 keyboard area's 2 Hi-Fi 3D speakers with polished metal detailing create a futuristic look and stand out from the understated functional keys below the touch pad. Additional speakers located on the right and left sides of the frame help make the GT740 a professional audio/video combat machine. With brilliant functionality and a formidable outward appearance, the GT740 simultaneously represents contemporary styling and the ultimate in professional, high-speed gaming capabilities.

{b]Diversified Multimedia Entertainment[/B]
The GT740 possesses a comprehensive multimedia entertainment interface, including a built-in E-SATA port for connecting external devices capable of transfer speeds of up to 3GB/s. When reading or writing data from an external device, a 3 fold increase in read and write speeds allow for effortless backup of audio, video, and picture files and prevents you from losing any of your valuable memories. At the same time, the GT740's 802.11 b/g/n wireless provides diverse, high-speed network functionality, freeing gamers from the tangled experiences of being tethered to wired networks and creating unlimited opportunities for the gaming world.

The GT740 continues to uphold the MSI G Series’ reputation for excellence. Gamers most often used keys, W, A, S, and D, all feature distinct red labels and independent numerical input keys to assist gamers to more efficiently engage their opponents and battle enemies. Multiple victories at competitions around the world prove that the GT740 is the ultimate secret weapon of the international gaming team Fnatic.MSI!

Source: MSI
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I didn't notice this before but did anyone notice that the GTS250M is similar to a 8800GS(probably slower)

look at it

but nvidia says its 50% faster than previous generations on the first line


after searching it seems like there are 2 versions, the GDDR3 version and GDDR5(unreleased) version, the difference might not seem like much but the GDDR5 version has 16 rops, and the GDDR3 version has 8, making the performance difference pretty big.
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Yea the GDDR3 and 5 versions are radically different. Should be different models completely.
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96 shaders ouch just has fast has my 9600gso G92 core than
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very good notebook. would like to own it. i7 in a notebook. :D
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pr0n Inspector
Another desktop machine with integrated UPS. notebook my rear end.:shadedshu
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pr0n Inspector said:
Another desktop machine with integrated UPS. notebook my rear end.:shadedshu
Somebody's hatin'..... :D

I say fabulous. I hate small laptops and loathe netbooks (more useless than tits on a boar).

I think screens smaller than 15.4 should be banned.
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pr0n Inspector
TheGuruStud said:
Somebody's hatin'..... :D

I say fabulous. I hate small laptops and loathe netbooks (more useless than tits on a boar).

I think screens smaller than 15.4 should be banned.
Good job forgetting the whole point of notebooks/laptops.
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