Tuesday, June 29th 2010

MSI Launches Wind Box DE520 and DC520 SFF PCs

MSI, the global leading brand in All-in-One PC, announced the launch of two new space-saving, entertainment-oriented models in MSI's Wind Box PC series: the Wind Box DE520 and DC520. They are the latest small form factor entertainment mainframe complete with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and the Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor. The design is stylish, and works beautifully in almost any room. It is also light weight and promises exceptional operation at an attractive price point.

Wind Box DE520 and DC520 inherit the slim good looks of the earlier generation of Wind PC, with the addition of stylish front panel. They use Intel Pentium Dual core processor, which greatly improves the performance over the previous generation of Atom CPU. The Wind Box DE520 also features an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 graphics processor, ensuring outstanding performance for both high-definition video content viewing and 3D gaming.
Environmentally-friendly design
The Wind Box DE520 and DC520 have secured Energy Star certification in the U.S.; they also conform to the requirements of the new European Union EuP (Energy using Product) environmental directive, which will come into effect in 2010 (the EuP imposes new standards for power consumption, energy efficiency, noise reduction, fan noise and temperature control, and the permitted percentages of toxic materials).

Comprehensive audiovisual and entertainment functions
The Wind Box DE520 features a built-in ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 graphics processor, ensuring outstanding visual entertainment performance. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430 supports Full-HD 1080p video playback; its unique Ultimate Visual Experience technology eases the pressure that decoding HD video signals puts on the CPU, enabling users to switch on other applications at the same time as they are watching HD video or playing 3D games. Both Wind Box DE520 and DC520 are equipped with HDMI and DVI output connectors, making it possible to connect DE520 to a large, full-HD display for viewing HD video content or playing 3D games, while still enjoying outstandingly bright and crisp image quality. They also include 7.1 channel audio and SPDIF out ports, so you can easily enjoy the astounding sound without any extra cost. Both the Wind Box DE520 and Wind Box DC520 come with Microsoft's latest Windows 7 operating system installed; this highly intuitive operating system provides a brand-new user experience.
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8 Comments on MSI Launches Wind Box DE520 and DC520 SFF PCs

evilness of thumbnails :eek:
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Well I like that they haven't resorted to using my nemesis, the Atom. I hate that CPU. Pentium Dual Cores are far better. I can see this is a suitable HTPC, and the case looks like a DVD or Bluray player or something. This is definately a system suitable for plugging into the TV.
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Now fitseries3 has a new way to break wind.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
heh.. windbox.

its like a fart in a box
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Sounds like what you did when you sent me a motherboard back in the day.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
no that was fartbox in the ocean.

i love this false sense of "environmentally helpfullness" companies create with these new products.

environmentally friendly means

"this product wont kill the environment as fast as old crap computers will... it uses less power."

but yet they make it sound like your saving the damn environment by buying this stuff. what.... do they plant 10 trees if you buy one? THAT would save the fucking environment.

stop using fancy euphemisms to hide the truth of what you are really saying.

the only "environment" its being friendly to is a desktop that has very limited space.

thats my thoughts
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It's ok, though i don't get it why can't they build similar thing with processor like E5200 shrinked to 32nm. It would be light years faster than Atom's, yet it wouldn't use all that much more power.
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