Thursday, July 8th 2010

Enermax Announces Volcanus Gaming Mid-Tower Case

ENERMAX is pleased to announce the launch of VOLCANUS, a mid tower for gamers. Besides its flaming hot theme, VOLCANUS features a special 140mm Blue/Red Combo LED fan included in the front; based on ENERMAX recently launched APOLLISH VEGAS fan series with 11 LED modes.
Users will be able to choose from a variety of light modes based on their own preference. Modes can be easily cycled by using a switch located on the front I/O panel.

VOLCANUS has all the state of the art features such as tool-less drive bays, bottom-mounted PSU, cut-outs on the MB tray, water-pump holes on the rear, and micro-dust filters.
For more information, visit this page.
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7 Comments on Enermax Announces Volcanus Gaming Mid-Tower Case

"gaming decoration" :)
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I actually like the look of this case. I wonder how well the airflow is through it...
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I like it too. The fan's led scheme sounds interesting.
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That's pretty cool looking. Flames= +5% speed!
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At least they trying to be different by trying to cater for everyone. What would be even better is black internals
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Bird of Prey
Not bad, my nephew would love it. Not sure I'm crazy about the 11 different color LEDS but I would hope they would have 3 of their apollish 12cm fans for the two sides and one back.
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I'm the only one
Fans with leds on are usually shit/cheapo.
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