Thursday, October 28th 2010

Galaxy Debuts GeForce GTS 450 Hall of Fame (HOF) Edition Graphics Card

Galaxy debuted a premium custom-design GeForce GTS 450 graphics card belonging to the company's new bleeding-edge factory-OC identifier, the HOF (hall of fame). The GTS 450 HOF from Galaxy uses a core clocked at no less than 1000 MHz, blazing past factory-OC levels set by the likes of Point of View (TGT-Beast @ 920 MHz); Gigabyte (WindForce XOC @ 930 MHz), Colorful (iGame @ 900 MHz), and EVGA (FTW Edition @ 930 MHz), etc.

Galaxy's card makes use of a rather simple 4+1 phase VRM to deliver power, drawing from a single 6-pin power connector, but relies on a powerful cooling solution designed by Arctic Cooling, and very low latency (0.4 ns) GDDR5 memory chips made by Samsung. The memory interface is clocked at 1025 MHz (4100 MHz GDDR5 effective), while the CUDA cores are clocked at 2000 MHz. The card was introduced to the Chinese market a little earlier this month, and is now on its way to western market. For EU, the same exact card KFA2-branded, isn't ruled out. Its pricing isn't known at the moment.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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12 Comments on Galaxy Debuts GeForce GTS 450 Hall of Fame (HOF) Edition Graphics Card

First 1GHz factory OCed Nvidia?
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nice clock, but still a crappy card
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If this card was based on GTX460...that would be awesome card.
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insight into bta's mind while posting news
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If this does come to the UK (EU) under the KFA2 brand I have no doubts that it will retail for more than the 768mb GTX460 thus making it completely pointless.

Still, hats off to galaxy for getting 450's out to retail with a warranty covered 1ghz core.

No do the same for the 1GB GTX460 please....
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Performance Enthusiast
lol W1z... Shmeezus this is a fast facroty overclock, I'm keen to see what the benchmarks are like, and how fast that low latency GDDR5 can go
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breaking the barrier.. looks cool, i hope it was 460
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Lab Extraordinaire
well prices will drop, maybe this will good, and will overclock much further
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