Monday, December 6th 2010

TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

TechPowerUp is celebrating the launch of Futuremark 3DMark 11, the company's next-generation 3D graphics benchmark. We will be giving away four keys of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition, the variant that is tailored for gamers and overclockers alike. To stand a chance to win, simply post in the comments why you love visiting TechPowerUp. Keep your post as concise as possible. We will announce four lucky winners on launch-day of 3DMark 11.

Some terms and conditions:
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  • Thread will be closed on 7th December 2010, at 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time).
  • All members are allowed to participate
Update: We now have 6 keys to give away.
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335 Comments on TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

Consoles holding hardware back hugely

Watching the preview video the graphics look amazing. It’s great to see what used to be pre-rendered cut scenes before the game are now actual in game real-time graphics. My question is when do you think we will see actual games looking like this?

It my belief that we are currently held back massively by the 6 year old hardware on consoles and that games will only begin to look this good a year or 2 after the release of the PS4 and Xbox720.

I am not sure how much it costs to make a benchmark like this or how long but to make an entire game at the same level of detail would increase this 10 fold I would think. It boils down to the fact that there is little money to be made in PC gaming and so developers make games look as good as they possibly can on the console’s hardware and anything more is a waste.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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i love techpowerup fast, trustfull news.. and their reviews especially perf charts are amazing..
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Overclocked quantum bit
TPU rocks. Period

It's a great community, very active and friendly and I like to help people out with their tech problems. W1zz & the mods are critical in allowing this community to flourish, with their even-handed moderation. The product reviews are second to none and finally, I love the Thanks button!

TPU rocks. Period. :rockout:
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- Current tech news
- Reliable info
- top notch reviews
- GPUz
- Videocard bios
- Case Mod Gallery
- Informative forums
- image hosting
- good people.
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because i was banned once just for lovin TP UP
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very helpful information about graphic card and pc stuff i learn how many things here. now i can use my nvidia sli with my p5q board :)
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Damn, I can't wait to bench again with these new benchmarks.
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I love tPU because it fits to my full hd monitor :p
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I enjoy visiting TPU because it's one of the better sites out there for news items. News on TPU is well laid out and actually has items I'm interested in reading as opposed to a whole slew of useless junk other sites seem to have. Also, the daily list of hardware reviews is helpful so I can keep up with the latest hardware and see how it performs without having to search for them myself.
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Some very knowledgeable people here. I like drooling of some of the awesome rigs i see. Also, it's a great place to learn about all the latest gear.
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I love TPU because...

Because you have GPU-Z. My favorite software about GPU info
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I'm on TechPowerUp! because I love the atmosphere at once serious and fun of this site. Information is treated well, are exclusive news, photos always best, especially the forum is extremely rich in aid of any kind, thanks to more than 2 million messages and almost 55,000 members always willing to give their knowledge to the community.

TPU is the best of what is happening now!
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The most popular reviews in one place. I like to be there!
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Chief Broken Rig
I love visiting Techpowerup! because its my community it is the place i get my news on the tech world at large, where i read reviews on up coming hardware i wish to buy. Techpowerup! is also the meeting point of many individuals i would now call friends and whos ideas and feedback makes a difference in my choices on PC hardware and in troubleshooting any issues i may encounter, besides TPU is my internet home the community has made it such and because of that community I will always come to TPU first. That and the fact fellow TPUers seem to put up with me when other forums wont so looks like you guys are stuck with me.
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I originally came here because of the great hardware reviews and continue my regular visits for the great community of PC enthusiasts.
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Fresh news, hot topics, no unnecessary censoring and wide international user base.
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techpowerup is always uptodate i love that i follow it everyday :D
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I love visiting TPU, cause rocks when it comes to pc products and news, gotta love reviews as well!
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The best sites about hardware, software and other things around PC. I am here every day for new info. Also I am using your software GPUZ, the best gpu diagnostic software I know. Great is review database, which I am using for decision when I am buying new hardware. Go go go Tech Power Up!!!
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Because the community isn't simply tolerable, they're actually pretty good people. Oh, and tech stuff. :P
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Why I <3 TPU

Some of the best compilations of tech-related news and links. I love anything and everything new tech and TPU is my first stop every morning to see what cool new technologies and products appeared since the prior day.

The product reviews and benchmarks are unparalleled in the industry. I've got RSS feeds on igoogle from 5 major tech sites and tend to read any and all reviews that come up for product categories that I am in the market for (or potentially will be in the future). The thouroughness and the quality of the methodology of TPU reviews cannot be overstated.

GPUZ! Thank you!

Finally, the forums here tend to be much more civil (by several orders of magnitude) then other tech sites... to the point that one gets an actual meaningful response to a question or an opinion.


The obligatory disclaimer:
"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
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Personally, I visit TPU daily because of the knowledgeable and friendly community along with detailed and in depth reviews on cutting edge hardware!

Best site/forum I've been a member of in many years.
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TPU, its simply the best, its simply the best
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I love visiting TechPowerUp because of the detail oriented reviews, upcoming news, and the overall quality and lack of bias.
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