Tuesday, February 1st 2011

Sparkle Announces GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards For HTPC Enthusiasts, Casual Gamers

SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards for home theater enthusiasts and casual gamers, which have everything users need to spoil users senses. The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards adopt the Fermi architecture which accelerate your digital life. Designed with unparalleled levels of price/performance, the SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards are the perfect GPU for LAN party pwning.The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards dominates the competition and offers amazing game realism on the latest DirectX 11 titles like Civilization V. Equipped with the latest industry leading technologies including NVIDIA 3D Vision, NVIDIA PhysX, high performance NVIDIA GeForce drivers, and more, the SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards have everything you need to spoil your senses.
NVIDIA CUDA Technology With 96 cores CUDA C/C++ Support
CUDA technology unlocks the power of the SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards' 96 processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks such as video transcoding.

Smart Cooling Technology With Temperature-Control Function
The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards come with the smart cooling technology from SPARKLE, which delivers ultimate cooling effect for the mainstream graphics cards products. The smart cooling system of theSPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Card uses the non-reference fan design with 7cm diameter, providing more air flow to cooling the GPU. Besides, the smart cooling system is incorporated with temperature control function. With the BIOS, it continually monitors the change of the GPU working temperature in different working environments, and adjusts the working voltage and speed of the cooling fan accordingly, achieving the purpose of GPU temperature regulation. Compared with the reference design, the smart cooling system ofthe SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards not only reduces the noise from the reference cooling fan which runs at high speed all the time, but also reduce the power consumption and prolong the life of the cooling fan.

Your Digital Life Done Right
The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards provide the ultimate force to your PC for the ultimate performance upgrade needed to accelerate your digital life. They stream HD movies faster and render high-res photos instantly, bringing home the 3D theater experience with Blu-Ray 3D and NVIDIA GeForce - over 400 titles available in 3D. The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards supercharge your favorite applications and push the limits of your Web experience with a new generation of GPU-accelerated browsers like Internet Explorer 9, level-up your game with the next-generation gaming architecture built from the ground up for DirectX 11.

1024MB DDR3/512MB GDDR5
The SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards provides incredible large 1024MB DDR3 video memory and 512MB high speed GDDR5 video memory to mainstream users, to satisfy the rigorous need on the video memory bandwidth, conquering today's hottest game, such as Civilization V, even to meet the requirement from 3DMark 11 launched last winter.

All-Solid-Capacitor Design
With good design in mind, the SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cardsuses solid capacitors, supplying more stable current than electrolytic capacitors and strengthening longer lifespan, containing zero risk of leaking or exploding, as a true factor of products quality, ensuring that the SPARKLE GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards remain stable and reliable for long-term use.
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10 Comments on Sparkle Announces GeForce GT 440 Graphics Cards For HTPC Enthusiasts, Casual Gamers

Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Should have made it low profile
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Sparkle's English is improving. Dammit.
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Very well that the market is a lot of companies that compete with each other:) it's more about money ...
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Looks like hynix is the memory vendor.
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would be a nice ppu if the price is right :)
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Civilization V, how many times can you say meow?

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Completely Bonkers
I have just read w1z's review of the 440, and now these OEM PR announcements.

The 440 has persuaded me to not buy a 560. Eh, why that?

Because if the 440 is nothing to get excited about from a performance perspective yet it still requires a double slot cooler, then it is a terrible design/architecture/platform. Surely this should be single slot passive. But no. It's hot. It drinks. And in relative terms, it is a poor performer. So by association it is creating brand damage.

I was a fence sitter. Tossing up between 6950 and 560. The 440 has pushed me into the ATI camp.
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why would you put 1gb on a gddr3 card and 512mb on a gddr5 ?
they should of never made a gddr3 to began with, make a gddr5 with 1gb and gddr5 with 2gb.
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it looks nice, with big hsf its kinda attracting
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Jul 2nd, 2022 08:18 EDT change timezone

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