Thursday, February 10th 2011

EcoMaster Intros LEPA Series High-Efficiency Modular PSUs

EcoMaster launched the LEPA series high efficiency modular PSUs. The series includes 500W, 700W, and 900W models, all boasting of 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification. The PSUs bear sleeved modular cables, with only the bare essential cables (such as ATX, EPS) being fixed to the unit. The PSUs use a multi 12V rail design, with the top model featuring as many as four 12V rails. Active Power-Factor Correction (PFC), and 140 mm temperature-controlled fan make for the rest of the offer. The 500W, 700W, and 900W models of the EcoMaster LEPA are priced at $119, $159 and $189, respectively. Parallel to this, EcoMaster also launched a LEPA 80 Plus Bronze 850W model that costs $139.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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5 Comments on EcoMaster Intros LEPA Series High-Efficiency Modular PSUs

Ecomaster = cheaper Enermax??? I don't understand the new series. Or are these replacing the MODU 87 series?
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Love to see some reviews on it..Looks nice..
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The price almost near the MOdu87+ type. Maybe they just replace the brand but it's the same product like enermax. :toast:
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Finally some bling that actually does the product fans for a Gold rating. It can't get easier than this. EGGcellent! :cool:
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I personally miss their clear fans with gold grills.
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