Wednesday, May 25th 2011

ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula Press Shots Leaked

Here are some of the first proper pictures of ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula motherboard, a set of press-shots leaked to the Czech press, which has since been retracted. The ROG Crosshair V Formula comes in two packages, with and without ASUS Thunderbolt card (an addon card by ASUS that provides Bigfoot Killer NIC and Sound Blaster X-Fi hardware-accelerated audio). The Crosshair V made its first appearance with a box-shot disclosure by NVIDIA announcing SLI on AMD chipset motherboards; later a table listing out specifications of some of ASUS' fist socket AM3+ motherboard was published.

The Crosshair V Formula is a socket AM3+ motherboard based on AMD 990FX + SB950 chipset, supporting AMD's upcoming FX-series processors based on the Bulldozer architecture. It combines the best features ASUS has to offer, targeting both gamers and overclockers. The AM3+ socket is powered by a strong 10-phase Digi+ Extreme Engine VRM, it supports dual-channel DDR3 memory with speeds of over DDR3-2133 MHz. Expansion slots include four PCI-Express 2.0 x16, which configure as x16/x16/NC or x16/x8/x8, with the fourth slot being electrical x4, wired to the southbridge. NVIDIA 3-way SLI and AMD CrossFireX are supported.
Storage connectivity includes 7 internal SATA 6 Gb/s ports, and 1 power-eSATA. In case you opted for the non-Thunderbolt card variant or don't have room left to install it, there's onboard 8-channel SupremeFX X-Fi MB audio. There's one gigabit Ethernet port, controlled by Intel-made GbE controller. There are six USB 3.0 ports in all, of which two are by header. A plethora of ASUS ROG-exclusive features like ROG UEFI, ROG Connect with GPU Tweakit, CPU ExtremeTweaker, CPU LevelUp, MemOK, GameFirst, TurboV EVO, and component overheat protection can be found.
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I am actually thinking this board will be closer to $300, that's what I paid for my Crosshair IV Formula. Well, not really, got it with a nice discount over at Newegg. $299 was the list price at the time. Now it's only about $215.

The thing about this board coming out, is hopefully the IV's will drop a bit more in price. They would still make great upgrades for people. USB 3.0, SATA 6Gbs, full compatibility with the FX Zambezi AM3+ chips, and so on. Will still be a nice "high-end" board for a while yet I think. Unless ASUS kills it that is. heh
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Asus motherboards <3!!

gosh this looks so nice!
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Vanguard Beta Tester
good luck using that ugly Thunderbolt card below the top pci-e slot... im thinking my 6970 will be covering it big time. :wtf:
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I can already hear the bitching it'll be 269 or something like that priced at what its worth + its new. If you want it cheaper wait don't complain or just get an MA990
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Strider said:
I currently run the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula board, and I love it. Never had any of the problems other people complained about. No improperly seated NB heatsink due to an over-sized mount, and definitely no driver issues. Of course, 9 times out of 10 I think "driver issues" are more user than hardware.

I have been seriously debating on what my next motherboard will be, looks like ASUS just answered my question for me. I love the Crosshair series and ASUS is my brand of choice, has been for a very long time.

Granted, the Crosshair IV is fully compatible with the FX Zambezi processors coming out next month, and there is no need to upgrade since the IV is not even close to being out dated yet. It will give me the future proofing I look for, and I use that term very lightly, since we all know it's rare in this industry. With AMD however, it's far less of a rare truth. It will also allow me to stick with my preferred brand and feature set I am already accustomed to.

I could care less about 3-way SLI since I am not an Nvidia fan and running dual 6970's is far more power than any game will need for a very long time to come, even at HD+ Eyefinity resolutions.

My 6970 (about to have a crossfire mate) and FX-8130P I plan on purchasing will both be very happy in a familiar environment. heh
couldn't agree more.:toast::D
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cant say I like the layout at all or its looks, also good luck making a tidy build with that molex and oddly positioned 4pin :| ud7 perhaps ud5 would seem to be best for me
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And i did the thread in Motherboard section few mins ago; hope it won't make me banned. lol jk Awesome stuff. This will belong to me right when i'll have my 1st website building/design cash; just have to know whether 1000W PSU will be sufficient for this+FX8130P, 2xGTX 600-series, 8GB DDR3 1800MHz RAM & VRaptor 600GB HDD, or to move to 1200W PSU? Mobo looks awesome.
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Could be wrong, but I think I see an onboard USB 3.0 head on the bottom right of the motherboard.
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Regular features include SATA & eSATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0 ports + USB 2.0 (one reserved for ROG Connect), MemOK, Thunderbolt card (SupremeFX X-Fi 2 + Killer NIC), etc..... You not wrong bout USB 3.0 head - it's it. :) Also it's 1st AMD mobo (i think) to support both CrossFireX & SLI in one chipset: [upto] 3-way SLI is licensed for this chipset, 4th PCIe slot reserved for this Thunderbolt card in case & you'll go for "just" 2 GFX cards (either NVidia's or AMD's). Awesome looking, feature packed mobo, definitely one of components to buy when it'll either surface, or when i'll have a cash for it.


AMD's FX-8130P (as well as 8130, 6110 & 4110) circling the web as well + there are already few sites mentioning the CPU's (FX-8130P & 8130's) frequency & few even know the price - great mobo deserves one of those great CPUs : BTA, when you'll post those news? :) Would love to see any of you TPU guys doing a news cover & then benchmark of atleast FX-8130P when it's out (June 11 me thinks). :toast:
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link2009 said:
It sure looks nice but why are there only 4 USB ports on the back? That's disappointing...very similar to my current Gigabyte board. I don't have room for all my peripherals and external drives...grr!
I count 8 on the I/O panel as well as 2 internal headers, so that's 4 more, 12 USB ports is PLENTY! 2 of which are USB 3.0, if you need more, purchase a USB hub . . . not like at the point where your using 10 USB devices on the same USB 2.0 bus your going to notice any speed loss as it will be as slow as a snail anyway.

My gripe is this, why in gods name, are they still putting eSATA on mobo's and then giving me only 7 internal sata ports, I mean 2 for opticals, 2 for OS drives, and 2 for back up, that leaves me 1 port for storage . . . . 2 if I get rid of one of my optical drives . . . . it's sad that a board that is likely to break the $300 mark, that I would need to purchase a raid card to add functionality that should be there in the first place, especially when they insist on taking ports and putting them on the I/O panel where they sit forever unused!
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Looks pretty nice, however I think the expansion slots are terribly laid out, and why they only use 6 slots instead of 7 I don't understand. When you're buying a premium motherboard it should be able to utilize all 7 slots like ATX cases can handle.
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The only thing that pisses me off is the fact the ASUSTek's site have abso-f***in-lutely no 990FX/X sections in their AM3+ mobos list: why does it take them so long to publish this, while Gigabyte have 990FX mobos on their products list? Other than that - everything goes by my plan: i think i'll be able to purchase this mobo by end of June.

AMD's 800 & 700-series based mobos available on ASUSTek's site; 990FX/X - not. Could be shame, but the info already leaked. All that's left is to wait for June 11/15. :) :toast:


Just checked - 990FX/SB950 & 990X/SB950 added to AM3+ selection list: Crosshair V Formula & Sabertooth 990FX present in 990FX/SB950. Now we talk. Links: 1) & 2)
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