Tuesday, June 28th 2011

AOC Announces USB-Powered Full-HD Monitor

Display major AOC announced the USB-powered e2251wu monitor. This 21.5-inch monitor consumes so little power, that it draws it from a USB port. Even with so little resources, the monitor has a formidable specs sheet: 1920 x 1080 pixels native resolution, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, 200 cd/m² brightness, and 5 ms response time. The monitor can either by attached to its base, or incline on its arm. AOC is expected to release the e2251wu to the market in August.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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That's pretty sick... assuming USB 2.0, isn't the usual max around 5 watts?

Even some portable USB 2.5" HDD enclosures have a 2nd USB plug to ensure enough power... I know because I have 2 of them.
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Willing to bet this is USB 3.0.
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Only ones I've seen have been USB3.0
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This would have to be a USB3.0 but i still don't think the image quality would be any good with such low power.
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Lab Extraordinaire
guys has it maybe occured to you that ONLY power comes from the USB, then you could still use VGA etc...

this is pretty good, though im suprised that it is not LED
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USB 3.0 thanks to teh cell phone charge adoption on many motherboards could supply up to 1.8A of 5V power.

I think 900 mA is standard though, which means this is a seriously low powered monitor.

sounds very interesting and hopefully it will include a DVI(or HDMI)/USB all in one cable to help reduce wire mess :)

The real boon here I suppose is for Laptop docking stations though.
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Me likey likey - could be the start of a more portable computer. Modder's heaven.

Less of this:

And more of this:

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Editor & Senior Moderator
It plugs into any USB port (500 mA) for power.
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No way you can get 200cd from 2.5W. Are the Oseans using some kind of black magic?
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Maban said:
No way you can get 200cd from 2.5W. Are the Oseans using some kind of black magic?
No, just a Black[a] Magic Woman, and she's trying to make a devil out of YOU!
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wow thats interesting
and of course it would make your table clean, off from many cables
if it has thin bezel, usb powered power. it would rock :toast:
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Maban said:
No way you can get 200cd from 2.5W. Are the Oseans using some kind of black magic?
LED backlighting really drops the power consumption.
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Scaminatrix, nice portable pc, I bet the TSA has a special "Latex glove" affair with "you"r pc everytime you fly LOL

Great screen concept usb is a big over the top but could be useful. Should be the same as a laptop LED screen minus the ccfl lamp. They pull about the same power or a bit more.

ROFL, Imagine someone with a cold and they sneeze then this wonderful strong footing and top heavy design goes flying all over the place.
Come to think of it normal users with Imac 20" + has this problems not sure how they expect most "give cheese to the optical mouse" users to deal with this footing or a open windows / strong breeze.

Local tech shop when a red nosed customer walks in with a screen under his arm, "Ooohh not another sneezer"
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My 13.3" LED laptop screen, between lowest brightness and highestbrightness is a 5.5 watt spread. So actual consumption for full brightness is somewhere north of 5.5w.

Considering standard USB 2.0 ports at 5v x 0.5a each, its 2.5w per port. Delivered power is less than this due to voltage drop caused by crappy cables.

I suspect this thing needs power from at least 3 USB ports for any sort of respectable brightness. Thats 7.5w total.

Really neat product.
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*sigh* the green marketing schemes might be saving the earth, but it's killing ma technology :(
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I have their 21.5 inch e2243fw monitor and I think that claiming it can run on USB is totally doable. I leave mine on all day and all night and it puts off almost NO heat, so I doubt it consumes much power either. I got it super cheap ($119!) and it's 1980x1080 and plays everything pretty damn clear. Add to that that it's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY thin and it makes a perfect solution for when I want to take my PC to LAN parties or whatever. The (on the wire) power supply is pretty small too.
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