Wednesday, September 14th 2011

Intel Displays Self-Branded Water Cooling Solution for Sandy Bridge-E

Back in August, it was reported that the retail packages of some, if not all, Intel's Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 LGA2011 processors will not pack the certified cooling solution like Core i7 LGA1366 processors do. It was also reported that Intel will sell its own-branded cooling solutions separately. It became a little obvious right then, that Intel won't selling dinky-little heatsinks that cost a couple of dozen Dollars. At the ongoing IDF event, Intel displayed its first retail-packaged cooling solution that's not only LGA2011-compatible, but also supports older socket types such as LGA1155, LGA1156, and LGA1366.

The cooling solution is a closed-loop (self-contained) liquid cooler made by water cooling OEM Asetek. Called the RTS2011LC, the cooler is rated to cool processors with TDP of up to 130W. The cooler consists of an exposed-copper block that also houses the pump, tough and flexible tubing that runs to the radiator assembly, which houses a reservoir, and a fancy-looking 120 mm fan. Along with the fan, the Intel logo on the block lights up blue. The radiator used looks similar to that on the Hydro Series H70, a popular cooler by Corsair, which is also made by Asetek. Expected to be available around the same time as Core i7 LGA2011 processors, the Intel RTS2011LC could command a price over $99.

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twicksisted said:
If you check the user forums for corsair alone, every problem you can imagine go's wrong as theres a lot of small components at play... fans dont work as controller is busted, coolant leaks, pump breakdowns etc.. check it ;)
EDIT: im not dissing the cooler atall, im just saying that I have concerns about its longevity as ive always used a large block of copper or aluminium fins to cool my CPU's in the past... nothing can go wrong with that.
I totally agree with you. They just needlessly increased their RMA rate by incresing the complexity of the cooler.... more complex = more defect opportunities... more defect opportunities almost always = more defects. I just want the chip anyways... maybe throw a sticker or a case badge in the box so I can brag a bit but other than that let me pick my own cooler lol.
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water and electronics dont mix for the average joes.
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Average joes don't buy ultra high end computers, either.
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Sorry... :o
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techtard said:
Average joes don't buy ultra high end computers, either.
There are lots of people with too much money to spend that don't quite know what they are doing :p
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I have seen that Asetek cooler YEARS ago. It was mentioned in an article in Toms Hardware I think. More stuff I would NEVER use. Just like a stock Intel cooler, it would make a great shotgun target by the look of it.
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techtard said:
Average joes don't buy ultra high end computers, either.
the ones that have the BB bug do n they know nothing other than turning it on and off...
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for normal user that needs and it would overkill and i better use aftermarket cooler
although WC gives you better cooling. it needs to get checked periodically, more expensive than normal HSF.
maybe Intel wanna test the market so if it sounds OK they gonna make it
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Pro Indian Modder
so the rest still get that alumnium crap? :p
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