Thursday, December 8th 2011

AMD Expands A-Series Line with Seven New Mobile APUs

In addition to introducing the 'new' Radeon HD 7000M mobile GPUs, AMD has this week updated its A-Series family of APUs (accelerated processing units) by adding to it no less than seven models specifically targeting the mobile segment. All seven chips are manufactured using 32nm process technology and should keep laptops makers (relatively) happy until Trinity lands in the first half of 2012.

The new arrivals are four quad-cores (A8-3550MX, A8-3520M, A6-3430MX and A6-3420M) and three dual-cores (A4-3330MX, A4-3320M and A4-3305M) which are probably intended to replace the first wave of APUs launched during the summer. All in all, there's not much to these APUs except the 100 MHz base and Turbo clock advantage over the initial models. For a more significant update we'll have to wait for Trinity. The full specs of the new chips is available in the table above. Source: CPU-World
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3 Comments on AMD Expands A-Series Line with Seven New Mobile APUs

Shame they didn't have all these at launch. But no matter. As long as Trinity is still on pace, all is well.
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I really wants to buy an A8-3550MX for my Vostro laptop, but how if I cannot find neither 3530MX nor 3510MX?
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They really need to quit overvolting these things. It's a waste of battery life.

I bet up to 10 watts can be shaved off.
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