Saturday, December 31st 2011

Sapphire Readies Radeon HD 7970 Cards with 1335 MHz Core Clock, 6 GB Memory

It looks like AMD's claims of HD 7970's extreme overclocking capabilities weren't the usual PR hoopla. A confidential company document revealing the non-reference models Sapphire has in the works, got leaked to the web, and it is a bundle of surprises. To begin with, Sapphire plans no less than six non-reference Radeon HD 7970 models apart from the vanilla AMD reference design card. Among these, the top-of-the-line cards are codenamed "Atomic RX" and "Atomic WC". One can guess that the "RX" is an air-cooled card, and the "WC" a water-cooled one. It packs blistering clock speeds of 1335 MHz core, with 5735 MHz (1433 MHz actual) memory.

The other card that caught our eyes is codenamed "FLEX 6G". The Flex variant typically features a flexible display output configuration. This card is said to have six mini-DP connectors. While this card sticks to AMD reference clock speeds, it packs a whopping 6144 MB of video memory, all wired to a single GPU. While 4 Gbit GDDR5 chips don't exist, we expect Sapphire to be using 24 * 2 Gbit chips on this card, with twelve sets of two chips sharing 32 bit paths. Then there are other milder factory overclocked cards apart from the Atomic; there's Toxic 3G, and VaporX 3G, both packing impressive out of the box clock speeds.

Source: ChipHell
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My name is Dave
2304 S-Pro?


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PremoGS said:
Well for starters, fake news.
A professional overclocker (korrrhonen) couldnt reach more than 1285Mhz with watercooling and Sapphire's aircooled card does better? Also, even impossible for the Sapphire's watercooled version. 1125MHz maybe, but not 1325MHz.
In november 2009 i got the XFX Radeon HD5850 1GB card
the card was the best overclocker i have ever seen, reaching 835MHZ core from 725 on stock voltage and reaching 1GHZ at 1.28V.

a few months after that i got the sapphire blue-PCB HD5850 1GB
this card could reach 925MHZ core on stock voltage and could reach 1GHZ on 1.18V only

I could not believe the differance in voltage needed for 1GHZ between PCBs. i have tested more reference cards and more sapphire cards but the results kept the same.

HD7970 came and again changed everything that we ever thought about flagship GPU overclocking.
my 2 cents...
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twicksisted said:
thats a different card... that screenie of yours is a 3gb card not the 6gb card they talking about in the thread...
You are wrong. The 1335 MHz card(ATOMIC WC/RX)they are talking about is a 3 GB card. The 6 GB card (flex 6g) isn't overclocked.
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But, it is based on the same PCB so good overclocking abilities are almost promised with this core
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bear jesus
i would agree that the chips seam to clock pretty well in general but i have to wonder if the 1335mhz cores have been specially binned for the purpose, either that or if the default voltage is much higher than the default voltage of the normal cards although saying that i expect the voltage to be at least a little higher on them anyway, if not then i would be extremely impressed by the cores used.

Either way this has been enough to make me not buy as soon as they are available, i want to see some reviews on the 1335mhz cards and even more so as with the first reference model reviews a bunch of sites did not manage to max out the overdrive limits so either it was something on their end (fan speed/powertune settings too low) or there will be quite a range of overclock results so i would very happily wait for the cards with a guaranteed 410mhz overclock and also to see how they compare to other available overclocked models before i decide for sure which company gets my money.
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A leaked Sapphire document revealed a Tahiti GPU with 2304 cores. AMD however confirms that there are no hidden cores. The chip has 2048 shaders, so the 2304 number from Sapphire is likely a mistake, or part of a test by AMD to find out which partners leak specifications to members of the press.

This info has been confirmed by Mr. Hook, Senior PR exec from AMD.

- Guru3D
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This thing^ has already kinda proofed as wrong, it's all fud speculation all over again. They create buzz from dust they find. But, about the 1335Mhz clocked HD7970,
there's a good chance that this thing will be faster the Kepler's flagship but again, who knows
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I like nvidia but I think this time they'll be 2nd in performance..., If 7970 can reach clock speeds up-to 1.1Ghz in stock voltages then they can really easily ramp up those clocks to 1335Mhz with a little or few voltage tweaking. Can't wait to see MSI's R7970 Lightning Extreme 6GB or ASUS Matrix in 2.0Ghz... :p

GPU wars really excites me, specially when its a close fight. We also get the benefits of price drops in their last-gen cards... :D
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Chappy said:
Can't wait to see MSI's R7970 Lightning Extreme 6GB or ASUS Matrix in 2.0Ghz...
Well, 2.0 GHz may be a little too much to ask for air/water cooling. :D
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