Friday, January 6th 2012

Steam Closes 2011 with 100% Sales Growth, 5 Million Simultaneous Users

Valve today announced the 2011 growth data for Steam, a leading platform for PC & Mac games and digital entertainment. During 2011 the platform grew to offer over 1,800 games to over 40 million accounts. Year-over-year unit sales increased by more than 100% for the seventh straight year, and during the 2011 Holiday Sale Steam's simultaneous user number eclipsed the 5 million player mark.

Meanwhile Steam doubled the amount of content delivered in 2011 vs. 2010, serving over 780 Petabytes of data to gamers around the world. To meet the increasing demand for games and services on the platform, the Steam infrastructure more than doubled its service capacity and a new content delivery architecture was deployed to improve user download rates.

Over 14.5 million copies of Steamworks games were registered during the year, a 67% increase over 2010. Steamworks titles shipped during 2011 include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution , and more. Since the suite of services was released three years ago, Steamworks has shipped in over 400 games.

"Steam and Steamworks continues to evolve to keep up with customer and developer demands for new services and content," said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. "Support for in-game item trading prompted the exchange of over 19 million items. Support for Free to Play (FTP) games, launched in June, has spurred the launch of 18 FTP titles on Steam, with more coming in 2012. Looking forward, we are preparing for the launch of the Big Picture UI mode, which will allow gamers to experience Steam on large displays and in more rooms of the house."
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I just wish they'd unify retarded price differences. Internet is the only place where country borders don't mean a thing. Except on Steam. US mostly gets games so freakin cheaper than here in EU which is really lame. Not to mention during deals time, almost every day there was 1 game that had "This game is not available in your country". WHY for god sake? Are my euros any less worth than from someone else? Sell me the god damn game. And then you see in some random news 5 minutes later how they bitch over piracy. Well, no shit sherlock...
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NC37 said:
Hey know how much more successful BF3 would have been had you not fought with Valve?
I'd be interested in BF3, but won't buy it anywhere else than Steam.
Sorry, I'm too old and too happy with Steam to consider using anything else.
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Anybody heard last July that : "Microsoft announced this week that the Steam competitor will be absorbed by", so who is Valve?
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Spaceman Spiff
Aether said:
I have been a member with them since September 14, 2003. I got steam when I bought my ati radeon 9800xt. It came with a steam voucher that gave me every valve game to date and HL2/CS2 when they released. What a steal that was!

Valve certainly knows how to entice its customers to buy stuff... especially this holiday season. join date is the same as yours, Sep 14, 03. I remember being reluctant to use steam and preferred using the in game server browser with cs. Then they finally forced everyone to use steam and I was not too happy.

Anyway, I think steam is great now even though I don't have many games on it. I only have valve games, the commandos collection and the X collection since they were on fantastic sales.

Valve has done it right in my book. I'm just longing for the next Freeman adventure. :respect:
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yea...this is where my sons college tuition goes...
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robal said:
I'd be interested in BF3, but won't buy it anywhere else than Steam.
Sorry, I'm too old and too happy with Steam to consider using anything else.
So you'd rather buy a shitty game on Steam, and support a company who makes terrible products (console ports with a buggy laggy terribly optimized PC version), than a great game on another platform, and support the company that took the time to make one of the best games in years (with fully functioning PC version that is also the most well optimized DX11 title out)?

I think I see why BF3 didn't sell as well as EA\DICE hoped...
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retail steam prices in our region are diferent, Skyrim for example, i only spent ~$35 (pre-order) (also comes with a freebie lol), best $35 ever spent imo.

Also, super old games are still selling in steam, and i heard it still sells well.
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tigger said:
I wonder who the oldest steam member is on tpu, I joined in 2004.
Member since 2005.

134 games and counting(not even including DLC and Add Ons that comes up to like 184...)
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INSTG8R said:
Member since 2005.

134 games and counting(not even including DLC and Add Ons that comes up to like 184...)
I had steam since November 2004
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NC37 said:
If the little guy can provide a competitive product that doesn't suck...then yes, root for them.

Origin has not provided this, nor do they seem capable of providing it in the future. The software is a mess, literally spyware, and for a little guy, EA should be running competitive specials. EA is not. I have not seen them run one deal on Origin that I could not get less on Steam or Amazon.

Here is deal, the little guys aren't running the deals Steam is, or at least not to the same volume. Now no Steam is not always cheapest, but when Steam sales come, I've found more often than not they are cheaper or at least on par. I'm talking about the major sale events, not minor specials.

I will say that this year's holiday sale, Steam was about $.50 higher on titles that have been historically low on the sales. So they were up a little.

But could they become like M$ or Apple? Sure, there is no debating that. But so far, I don't see Valve making the same moves. They are making record sales during sale times when they aren't getting the bigger cut? Really, that shouldn't be. This isn't a time to point fingers at Valve and cry monopoly. We need to point fingers at them and then tell the rest of the industry..."Why the heck are you charging us premium when they clearly do more business when not charging premium?!!"

Be mad at Valve all you want for HL3 or L4D2, but when it comes down to it, they aren't punishing their customers with this crap nickle and dime strategy that M$ and the rest of the industry seem to crave.

If Valve really was the big evil monopoly, they would never run a single Steam sale again. They'd insist their service is a premium and even likely charge subscription for it. Instead they are running deals all the time and doing what the customer wants.

This is the same business strat that Amazon uses. Now sure Amazon's shipping and support have gotten horrid, but they just give the customer what they want and the customer will continue to support them. It is a customer centric strategy which pays off a lot more in economic hardship times than telling them what they want. M$ and Sony can't do it...they treat the customer about as good as they'd treat an enemy.

When Valve stops doing this, they'll lose all their business almost overnight. Heck I would right away drop Steam. And I've gone from hating Steam and one time to now loving it. Origin will fail because EA cannot comprehend this. Their EULA on Origin shows just how they think of their customers. Sorry but treatment like that will not be embraced unless users are forced onto XBL.
Points all very well made. I shouldn't have really called EA the "little guy", I was actually referring to the Origin service itself.
However, I never implicated that I disliked Valve or the Steam service in any way. I take advantage of all the special sales they provide every now and again. Your definitely right about Valve taking the advice of their customers. No spyware, viruses, or extreme DRM.
This is the #1 reason why I didn't get BF3, but I sooooo wanted it. However, with the horror stories I have read from people using it, I just decided to stay away. And your right about EA not running any sales on Origin, since they have so much money and are new to that side of the industry, you'd think they would entice potential customers with low prices, but the reality is that they aren't even trying.
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