Thursday, January 26th 2012

New USB Charger Powers 16 Devices At A Time

Charging large numbers of iPads, iPhones and iPods is a challenge for many schools, businesses and other organizations. A new 16-port professional USB charging station now makes this possible.

Compact, light and easy to use, the Power Pad 16 (DS-IP-PP16) provides the optimum power required for charging iPads and other iDevices. It can be used to replace bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks of the standard chargers.

Created by Datamation Systems, the leading provider of security carts and cabinets, with the expertise of Cambrionix state-of-the-art USB technology, this is the latest addition to an extensive suite of charge, sync, security and storage products for iPads and other devices.

"The PowerPad 16 can be placed in a cabinet, cart or carrying case. It can also be mounted on a table, wall or under a counter," said Joe Mazza, Datamation Systems' Vice President. "It is perfect for tech centers, trade shows, travelling labs and training centers."

The Power Pad 16 has been used in retail environments where charging large numbers of iPads and other Apple devices has to be reliable and fast in the least possible space. Service depots report it is a perfect tool to eliminate the jumble of wires and chargers.

Designed for charging Apple devices, this will also charge many other USB-powered devices, virtually any that would charge using a standard Apple USB-connected AC adapter. It is not a "universal" USB charger but Datamation Systems is creating other versions that will accommodate most USB devices.

Datamation Systems carts, cabinets and transport cases are used in thousands of schools, libraries, hospitals and offices.

These new iPad, iPod and iPhone charging systems and other products are available from major computer sellers or directly from Datamation Systems. Additional information can be found at Datamation's iPad and Tablet webpage.

Established in 1963, Datamation Systems is the nation's leading provider of security carts, cabinets and anti-theft devices that protect notebook and desktop computers, printers, projectors and AV equipment. They also provide multi-bay battery chargers to help manage battery use in classrooms and other settings. Visit Datamation Systems' web sites at or
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FAQ #1: Lolwut / whyyyy? / what for?
Ans: iPad-enabled classrooms
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Well I don't see why not. Price would be interesting though. :(
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Finally chaining 16 USB rocket launchers together becomes reality. Expect office warfares to get 16 times more intense.
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I'm the only one
Imagine the cost of 16 iproduct leads.
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look at the power input! it has a external power brick ^^
that's how you use your experience with usb charger, just slap a fan on a 16x usb breakout board to make it noisy and then add a 5V powerbrick to the mix :-P

if the use 5V voltage regulators inside it would have been nice to add a smps directly into the case..... then i would be surprised but this??
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ishit enabled toilets
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Can i put an infected flash drive into it with a custom made virus that overloads the buildings circuit box for when I dont feel like being at school/work?
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