Tuesday, February 21st 2012

Yeston R6870 Game Master Graphics Card Pictured

Chinese company Yeston thinks there's still room for factory-overclocked Radeon HD 6870 graphics cards in the market, it unveiled the R6870 Game Master, designed to have high overclocking headroom. The card uses a custom-design PCB with an 8+1+1 phase VRM to power the GPU. The VRM takes advantage of LFPAK MOSFETs and two NEC TOKIN Proadlizers, which condition power and enhance stability with voltage-assisted overclocking. Out of the box, the card ships with reference clock-speeds of 900 MHz core and 1050 MHz (4.20 GHz effective) memory, leaving it entirely to you to take the clock speeds where you want them to go, instead of being spoon-fed with factory-OC profiles.

Moving on to the cooling, Yeston gave the R6870 Game Master a zesty cooling assembly that spans three expansion slots. It uses a lateral-flow design with a blower pushing air through numerous aluminum channels where heat is dissipated to it. It appears like heat is conveyed to these channels using heat-pipes, and not a hot plate. As a nice cosmetic touch, Yeston gave the card a thick back-plate that is ridged. It helps reduce PCB bending and could assist heat dissipation just a little. Display outputs include two each of DVI and mini-DisplayPort, and one HDMI. Power is drawn from two 6-pin PCIe power connectors. Out now in the Chinese market, the Yeston R6870 Game Master is priced at 1,199 RMB (US $190).
Source: Expreview
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Resident Grammar Amender
I'd be interested in a review of this.

;) ;)
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Seriously.... why?
How can you tell if its a turd or a gold plated brick if it ain't reviewed
Its target market is not probably the west but the asian market
Out now in the Chinese market, the Yeston R6870 Game Master is priced at 1,199 RMB (US $190).
Seems to be a reasonably competive price
Perhaps Wiz can work his magic and get one (or two for crossfire) for review I'm sure our asian /far eastern members and other web browsers from that area would appreciate a review

Remember this geographical area/segment of the market is the major growth area for the future and im sure its something TPU should not ignore
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I wasnt referring to the difference in markets but more towards the gigantic cooler on a not so hot card and the soon to be replaced chip.

I mean isnt the 6870 going to be replaced by a equavelant 7000 series chip?
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when you take into consideration the earnings /disposable cash available for the probable target market of this card and the probable inflated cost of a equivalent 7000 series chip based card
it still does make sense to market this card

as to the looks or size and efficiency of the triple slot cooler
Not everyone goes for looks !
the cooler might be super efficient and quiet.?
The only way most of us would find out was if a decent Reliable (TPU) Test and review was done
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As much as it looks ugly, i think it will be fairly efficient. The fan is bigger and will move more air with less noise. And best of all, it's the exhaust sort of cooler which not many use tehse days apart from reference cards.
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Some kind of hot-air exhaustion is taking place, but most of it will stay in the case, because of that crowded interface plate in the back.
That 3-fan cooler looks like Arctic Accelero Xtreme, which is pretty expensive 250 Watt unit.
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why "unknown" brands sometimes come up with custom design that looks pretty good than well known brands

snail cooler? :D
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That is one of the ugliest VGA coolers I have seen in a long time!

Is there really room for this on the market with the 78xx cards out soon?
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Hmm I apparently do not share aesthetics taste with a lot of people here :P
I love the look of this cooler, love the cooler and the shape is a bit oldschool imo.

I have no interest in the card itself but I hope my future gpu (whatever it may be) has a cooler just like it :)
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Too late, but I kinda like it. :)
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