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First Laptop with 4.16GHz Clock Speed Unveiled - MSI GT780DX

Have you ever seen a high-performance notebook computer packing Intel's top-of-the-line Core i7 Extreme Edition with overclocking that blazes along at more than 4GHz? Have you ever experienced the superfast performance of a quad core gaming laptop that transfers files in less than half the time? Only the MSI GT780DX laptop, on display for a limited time, supports the Core i7 Extreme Edition, the fastest in the industry, to give you extreme system performance and cooling capabilities.
World-record smashing 4.16GHz clock speed
During Europe's Dreamhack late last year, MSI held its "Beat It!" video gaming competition and computer exhibition. MSI showed a number of MSI GT780DX gaming laptops all packing Intel's smoking limited edition Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition processor. In this, the first dynamic demonstration of the processor in notebook computers on the market, these top-end laptops broke the 4GHz overclocking barrier. With Dreamhack over, MSI's GT780DX with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition can be seen in activities spotlighting laptops organized by Intel and MSI in other countries.

Not only does the limited edition GT780DX zip along at 4.16GHz, when you compare it to notebooks with Core i7-2630QM, tests show that CPU performance increases by at least 43%. The CPU calculates "Super PI 32MB" a minimum of 52% faster which is very helpful for decimal number and complex multifunction calculations. For example, the time required to compress a 1GB file drops from 3 minutes 6 seconds to 2 minutes 9 seconds-44% less time. Performance speeds of various applications are markedly improved and calculation times reduced for a tremendous enhancement in overall system performance, underscoring the superior stability and cooling performance of MSI notebook designs.

GT780DX features unparalleled hardware and cooling capabilities
In the world of notebook computers, there's generally a direct ratio between the size and weight of a computer and its performance, because the CPU and Graphics, the two components that make the biggest difference in terms of performance and power consumption, use over 65% more power in high performance laptops than in their regular notebook computer counterparts. High performance 17-inch laptop designs, therefore, generally require a very large cooling system and a high capacity power supply design, making the NB so big that it's very difficult to actually lug around.

The GT780DX, MSI's most advanced 17-inch gaming laptop, has overcome these problems. It is the most efficient and most powerful large-size gaming NB on the market today. In addition to featuring a metal chassis and a number of details designed with the serious gamer in mind, it also supports the advanced Intel Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition limited edition Quad Core processor.

In addition, the GT780DX comes with the high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX570M discrete graphics card and 3GB GDDR5 display memory. It racked up over 12,300 points on 3D Mark Vantage and boasts full HD gaming performance that surpasses the GTX560M display card used in other NB computer brands by over 20%, offering extreme gamers and professional graphics artists a top-end notebook computer that strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

It's also the only laptop in its category that weighs less than four kilograms. With two hard drives, four memory units, and a 9-cell battery, the GT780DX tips the scales at just 3.85KG-much lighter than the 4.5-plus kilograms of most 17- and 18-inch gaming NBs currently found on the market.

Not only does the exterior design meet the needs of both gamers and graphics designers alike, the excellent cooling system design keep the GT780DX's processor and discrete graphics card working at below 80℃, keeping the machine stable even when overclocking for long periods of time, so that you can play games or using drawing programs without worrying about stability problems. All MSI gaming laptops employ cooling systems with the highest standards in the industry, so they are more than equipped to deal with the heat produced by the graphics cards when overclocking-even when overclocking at over 4GHz. When you turn on the exclusive Cooler Boost overclocking heat dispersion system, it throttles up fan speeds to super fast speeds, reducing chip temps to 5~10℃, so when it's used for regular processors, like the Intel Core i7-2670QM, overall temps are even lower, maintaining high stability even under the harshest environments.

The MSI GT780DX gaming computer also has other exclusive features, such as a 2.1 channel sound system built in cooperation with world leader in professional sound system designs Dynaudio of Denmark. The high quality stereo sound remains crisp and clear within a 10-meter radius and the cinema-grade THX control software allows you to tweak the acoustics to meet the purpose at hand. The entire series of gaming laptops also sport high brightness, high clarity full HD screens to provide users of all types the best possible sounds and visuals.
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16 Comments on First Laptop with 4.16GHz Clock Speed Unveiled - MSI GT780DX

Knowing Msi and laptop mfg's in general that thing will be clogged with dust within 4 months at best, overheat then die.They can always throw a 4ghz cpu in but putting a working dust filter or a capable HSF assembly on a laptop is like asking for icewater in hell.
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>9000 degrees celsius
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i guess this is a nice desktop replacement if you travel constantly, don't see much use for it otherwise.
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Resident Wat-man
Definitely a desktop replacement. However I'm a little surprised with the 2.1 surround, even my 4 year old Dell Studio 1735 can do 5.1 surround. I'm not sure if I would want to be lugging that around and I can only imagine how much heat and power this CPU uses when stressed. Nice find, though. :)
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Interesting model from MSI. Great overclock for a laptop. With all the 'great' specs I wonder why there is no mention of 'warranty' period. :rolleyes:
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
When I think of this laptop, I think of this when it gets crammed with dust!

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In must make a horrendous noise with a tiny fan cooling that and a gpu!
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That damn thing will idle at 80c with only that cooling the cpu and gpu (at least thats what it looks like to me)
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OH, I have such a headache
Man that is sweet. The thing they should come up with is a liquid cooling solution for laptops, Some thing small and light that would utilize or integrate the air cooling with the power of liquid cooling. But never the less some one that has this would need to keep tons of caned air on hand and clean that thing every day! Just to be sure. I know I would! GOD I would love to own that!
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I'm past high performance laptops, constantly need cleaning and dusting. A cooling pad is almost a must. I had a quad core when they were new with an sli 7900gs go series. It lasted about a year and it was well taken care of and used mostly on desktop surfaces
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what a fantastic idea :toast:
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The dust factor would be present in all systems with a fan.

I personally have never had an issue with any of my highend notebooks, probably because i take care of them and am concious of the dust factor.

Do i have to mention that cleaning the fan and heatsink is something everyone should do regardless ?

The machine is backed by the standard 1 year international warranty. If it does melt within the first 12 months because you used the machine to its extreme potential, then MSi would replace the entire machine or the faulty component(s).

The battery life would be rather low on such a highend system but we all know that will be the case with awesome power!

Fantastic and solid product from MSi, always good to hear someone pushing the commercial boundries.
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Dust factor is inevitable. What they need to do is to make maintenance less pita.
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