Thursday, March 8th 2012

Enermax Officially Launches DreamBass Genie

ENERMAX is proud to announce the launch of its first portable USB audio & amplifier, DreamBass Genie. With the latest audio-remix technology, it turns your music into solid bass enhancement, full surround sound as if you are in live concert, and lets you redefine the real-stereo experience.

The perfect bass with wide-scale high definition audio output is always a dream for the audiophiles. Yet the conventional PC or NB is usually depressed by its dull, vague, compressed, and noisy sound output due to low cost audio-chip, entry-level audio remix software or limited PCB layout. ENERMAX DreamBass USB audio & amplifier is the remedy for music fanatics. With the latest VIA VT1620A chips, plus ENERMAX audio expert’s unique bass algorithm and delicated low-interference PCB layout technique, DreamBassTM Genie provides solid bass, crystal clear sound and perfect audio separation. It simply makes your PC audio output equivalent to high-end Hi-Fi stereo amplifier, and lets you touch every musical note and tone.
DreamBass Genie is plug & play, and supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux or other operation systems. Just plug it into any available USB port on your PC/NB, DreamBass Genie will be activated and replace onboard audio chips. Furthermore, its dual-channel audio-input processor allows you to monitor the MIC recording sound via the headset simultaneously, a user-friendly feature for talking, singing, or voice recording application.

For those who want to enjoy the DreamBass Genie without suitable headphone, we provide the DreamBass earphone combo set. This light-weight in-ear type earphone is special-tuned and works perfectly with DreamBassTM Genie. Together they will let you immerse into the surrounding vivid music as in live concert.
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7 Comments on Enermax Officially Launches DreamBass Genie

Those have been around for quite a while over on eBay, doesn't really sound that great but the price is low enough.

The press release, like always, is totally over the top and outright funny.
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This product would be an affordable alternative to higher end headphone amps I guess. Looks like it'd break easy from one accidental bump though.
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I have two of these roaming around in my shop. They got left with computers that either we never paid for or brought in for recycling. I used one for alittle bit on a bench unit, but it always sounded off to me. Like it made everythings tone flat. If you played the same sound at the same time on one with this and one without, they sounded out of tune. It was really strange. When you hear the XP start up sound 50 times a day every day, you can tell when its off.
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OH, I have such a headache

It looks like a vacuum tube! That is cool! :laugh:
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Wasn't this already posted some time ago by Christian, i think :confused:

A useless novelty IMO, IIRC this had a what 80 something DB S/NR. My Black Berry pearl & GameBoy phone's have better SQ :o
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