Friday, March 23rd 2012

BIOSTAR Introduces the TA970XE AM3+ Motherboard

BIOSTAR Group, the world renowned manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, industrial computing systems and peripherals, announces the new generation of TA970XE series motherboards for AMD AM3+ CPUs. Their capabilities are very close to the top TA990FXE and offer overclockers and gamers considerable power and flexible settings for a reasonable price.

The TA970XE board sports the ATX form-factor (305 x 225 mm) on a powerful AMD 970 chipset with the SB950 Southbridge. It provides stable and high performance with any Socket AM3+ CPUs of the Phenom II X6, Phenom II X4, Phenom II X3, Phenom II X2, Athlon II X4, Athlon II X3, Athlon II X2 and Sempron Series including the most powerful 6-core and 8-core AMD FX, AMD Phenom II and AMD Athlon II CPUs with the TDP up to 140 W.

The TA970XE board features the latest UEFI BIOS which, in particular, directly supports HDDs over 2 TB. The TA970XE board has four DDR3 DIMMs and supports up to 32 GB dual-channel DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600/1866 MHz and experimental overclocking memory modules clocked up to 2000 MHz. Two PCI-E x16 2.0 slots deliver full-featured support for the most powerful configurations of discrete cards in the ATI CrossFire X mode.

The TA970XE easily supports up to five latest speedy storage devices of the SATA3 6 Gbit/s interface and supports SATA RAID 0,1,5,10 arrays. Besides, the board has one eSATA, two USB 3.0 (ASMedia ASM1042 chip), eight USB 2.0, one FireWire IEEE 1394a (VIA VT6315N chip) ports, a 10/100/1000Mbit/s LAN controller (Realtek RTL8111E chip) and 8-channel HD audio codec (VIA VT1828S chip). Additional peripherals can be connected to two PCI and two PCI-E x1 2.0 slots.

The TA970XE board reflects usage of the most up to date production lines with the very strict quality control. The board uses a 5-phase voltage regulation and high-quality solid capacitors. The board features all BIOSTAR proprietary technologies including the BIOSTAR G.P.U (Green Power Utility) for power optimization at a low load, the exclusive overclocking Rapid Switch utility for quick restart, the Rapid Debug for hardware debugging with a LED light, the BIOS Flasher and the BIOS RELIFE for BIOS update or recovery from a USB drive and the BIO-Remote 2 for remote control of home media system components control from Android or Apple mobile devices. Overclockers will be pleased to see the T-overclocker utilities for the Windows which will let them do fine system tuning.

The newcomer is the unique Clean Tone 2 technology developed by the engineers from BIOSTAR which helps you deliver the finest sound with minimal distortions in the high-frequency range. As there are independent capacitors for each line the Clean-Tone 2 allows reaching an excellent NSR around 98 dB which ideally fits a modern system based on the Windows 7 OS.
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6 Comments on BIOSTAR Introduces the TA970XE AM3+ Motherboard

The Exiled Airman
man are they late to the chipset game or what.
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Moderator & WCG-TPU Captain
4+1 power :shadedshu not enough for me and for 140w processors that is a stretch :wtf:

I liked the features and reviews on my M5A99X (6+2 power) vs the Gigabyte 990X version (8+2 power) but I normal would have went with the board with the 8+2 at a minimum.

This board would probably be fine for anything up to 95w but I wouldn't trust it any further..

- end rant -
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I saw this board at MicroCenter week ago, this is old news?

Anything unique about this board?
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Been quite some time since Biostar released anything that isn't lower mid-range at best :|

They're kinda going the rock bottom crap board route, a.k.a. ECS Elitegroup/PCChips' way of things :(
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^ I have been thinking the same thing. *sad* Where are all the great T-Force boards. My current board and the last two have been T-Force, and they have all been awesome. VIA sound chip on this 970 any good comaped to Realtek?
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GLD said:
^ I have been thinking the same thing. *sad* Where are all the great T-Force boards. My current board and the last two have been T-Force, and they have all been awesome. VIA sound chip on this 970 any good comaped to Realtek?
In sound quality it will depend on how good is the chip snr specs and also how good the DA converters are in the mobo. I've experienced that sometimes the motherboard manufacturer doesn't pair the sound chip with quality components resulting in less than excellent sound quality, specially noticeable in recording.

Anyway, I like to record music, I play some guitar and keyboard and I will always use a professional sound card, they are not that expensive (I mean, if you can afford a 700$ computer, buying a 100$ pro sound card isn't that expensive)

Then you have the frames per second problem. Many gamers ignore that some sound cards will impact in frames per second unless you are testing with 3Dmark or something.
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