Monday, April 9th 2012

Enermax Ostrog Window Entry Level Mid-Tower Case Pictured

Over the weekend, Enermax unveiled the windowed Ostrog ATX mid-tower chassis (model: ECA3253-BR) in Asia. Ostrog made its first appearance at this year's CeBIT event, in early-March. The exhibited variant, however, lacked a side-panel window. Pictured below, the case features a large acrylic window that has vents cut into it, for two 120 mm fans.

Ostrog is an ATX mid-tower case that's all black (interior and exterior), with a colored frame on its front-panel. It has four exposed 5.25" drive bays, and one exposed 3.5" bay. Including that, there are six 3.5" bays. A set of three 3.5" drive bays is detachable, creating extra headroom (413 mm) for long graphics cards. With the drive cage in place, there's about 286 mm of room for graphics cards.
Ventilation includes one rear 120 mm fan, one 120 mm front-intake fan, provisions for one 120 mm bottom-intake fan, two top 120 mm exhaust fans, and two 120 mm side-panel fans. The utility panel has two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), two USB 2.0 ports, apart from front-panel audio jacks. In China, the Ostrog window case is priced at 329 RMB (US $52).

Source: Expreview
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3 Comments on Enermax Ostrog Window Entry Level Mid-Tower Case Pictured

I actually quite like this. A good deal even if it's priced $70.
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wow for $52 thats kinda cool
they have nice interior
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I prefer untouched side window panels. Ones that are cut to house fans come off as cheap looking to me, even on higher end cases, and it disrupts the view inside of all your wonderful components.

*pets his PC-K62*
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