Monday, April 9th 2012

ASUS Intros Hot-Pink Zenbook in Japan

Over the weekend, ASUS ran a special event in Japan to launch a hot-pink colored variant of the Zenbook. ASUS is known for launching variants of the Zenbook to suit localized markets. For example, in late-February, ASUS launched Zenbook Rose Gold at Milan Fashion Week. The hot-pink Zenbook, too, is targeted at the fairer-sex. The hot-pink variant of Zenbook UX21E will otherwise have the same hardware specifications, as the original. It is a first-generation Ultrabook, powered by Core i5-2467M processor.

Source: PCWatch
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6 Comments on ASUS Intros Hot-Pink Zenbook in Japan

Seriously, Wizzard, you should have patented that power button button symbol design before the IEC..
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I really like that metallic pink, but there's just no way to carry that around in American society without people misinterpreting my sexual orientation.
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just laptop, can i get one of those girls standing there too.
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It's not a porn and japanese still censoring people's faces
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