Tuesday, April 10th 2012

Toshiba Reveals Completely Redesigned Full HD All-in-One Desktop Computers

Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced its newest All-in-One Desktop PCs, the 21.5-inch LX815 and 23-inch LX835, which perfectly blend high performance, style and affordable pricing. These All-in-One computers serve as all-purpose devices ideal for the kitchen, family room and dorm room for effective multitasking and HD entertainment.
All New Sleeker Design
The new LX815 and LX835 present an entirely new level of style to Toshiba’s All-in-One Desktop Computer product line. These attractive PCs now offer full HD 1080p displays1 with optional touchscreens on edge-to-edge glass, recessed edges to hide connectors to any external devices and a slim-line folding stand that allows users to tilt the display at various angles. The beautiful display is bundled with a comfortable full-size raised tile wireless keyboard with a 10-key numeric keypad and a matching wireless mouse that are both pre-paired to allow users to start using their new All-in-One right out of the box.

“Toshiba has completely revamped the design of our All-in-Ones to make them an even more attractive productivity and entertainment device for the busy home,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of product development, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division. “We’re confident the All-in-One market will continue to power the desktop market. Toshiba is committed to bringing new elegant and powerful machines into our lineup to balance our customers’ desire for both strong performance and appealing design.”

Outstanding Performance and Convenience

Fully equipped with 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, up to 16GB RAM3, up to 3TB high-speed hard drives, two USB 3.04 ports plus four USB 2.0 ports, the LX815 and LX835 provide consumers with the high level of performance they have grown accustomed to with Toshiba’s computing products. All of this paired with superior sound from SRS Premium Sound 3D Onkyo speakers make them ideal for enjoying all forms of entertainment, including the latest movies and games, surfing the Web, photos and more. These new All-in-Ones are also equipped with HDMI input that allows convenient connections to gaming consoles, tablets and other video sources. Select models will also feature Blu-ray Disc drives and a TV-tuner with an IR blaster for connecting to a set-top box or DVR.

Additional smart features include USB Sleep & Charge, which allows users to charge USB-powered devices while the PC is sleeping or powered off, and PC Health Monitor, which allows users to track the condition of their machines to keep them in peak condition. All of Toshiba’s All-in-One PCs are rated EPEAT Gold, Energy Star 5.0 compliant and include Toshiba eco Utility, which allows them to quickly adjust the settings and power plan of their laptop and monitor their ongoing power usage with just a click.

Pricing and Availability
The Toshiba LX815, starting at $599.99 MSRP, and LX835, starting at $879.99 MSRP, will be available for purchase at the beginning of Q3 2012 exclusively at Best Buy stores, e-tailers and direct from Toshiba.
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3 Comments on Toshiba Reveals Completely Redesigned Full HD All-in-One Desktop Computers

Pretty neat, and it STILL costs less than an iMac :toast:
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Super XP
Depth said:
Pretty neat, and it STILL costs less than an iMac :toast:
iMac's are overpriced junk. As for this all in one, looks great.
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Wile E
Power User
Depth said:
Pretty neat, and it STILL costs less than an iMac :toast:
And still doesn't have nearly as nice a panel as an iMac, nor as nice of a case.

Seriously, what is it with manufacturers not offering a high quality panel option? Anything true 8 bit and not Tn Film would be nice. The only other one that does is Lenovo, and their prices aren't any better than Apple.
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